Girder grids

The database currently contains a total of 17 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Archives de la Ville et de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg 2004 Strasbourg (67) France in use
2 Berlin Brandenburg International Airport Terminal Building 2018 Schönefeld (BB) Germany under construction
3 Bern Station Canopy 2008 Berne (BE) Switzerland in use
4 Brehmstrasse Ice Stadium 1936 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
5 Esslingen Central Bus Terminal 2014 Esslingen am Neckar (BW) Germany in use
6 Hall of States 1982 Delhi India in use
7 Messe Frankfurt - North Gate 2013 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
8 Nagold Central Bus Terminal 2005 Nagold (BW) Germany in use
9 Neckartailfingen Event Hall 2013 Neckartailfingen (BW) Germany in use
10 Ombrière du Vieux Port 2013 Marseilles (13) France in use
11 Pergola in Avenida de Xoan XXIII Santiago de Compostela Spain in use
12 Pforzheim Central Bus Terminal 2015 Pforzheim (BW) Germany in use
13 Plaça Redona Canopy 2010 Valencia Spain in use
14 Plaza-Café 2000 Hanover (NI) Germany dismantled
15 Potsdamer Platz Station 2000 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
16 Small Parc André Citroën Greenhouses 1992 Paris (75) France in use
17 Trumpf Gatehouse 2007 Ditzingen (BW) Germany in use