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Column and beam structures

The database currently contains a total of 65 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Anitkabir 1953 Ankara Turkey in use
2 Antique Market at Leptis Magna Leptis Magna Libya in ruins
3 Basilica Aemilia -179 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
4 Basilica Ulpia 113 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
5 Borgund stave church Lærdal Norway in use
6 Capitolium 74 Brescia (LM) Italy in ruins
7 Concordia Temple Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
8 Donon Temple 1869 Donon (67) France in use
9 Erechtheion -406 Athens Greece in ruins
10 Festive Temple of Thutmosis III. -1450 Karnak Egypt in ruins
11 Great Colonnade at Apamea Apamea Syria in ruins
12 Great Colonnade at Palmyra Palmyra Syria in ruins
13 Great Kiosk of Trajan 105 Philae Egypt in ruins
14 Hadrian's Library 132 Athens Greece in ruins
15 Horus Temple -57 Edfu Egypt completed
16 Hypostyle -1260 Karnak Egypt in ruins
17 Institut de Technologie du Cambodge - Building U 2009 Phnom Penh Cambodia in use
18 Luxor Temple -1250 Luxor Egypt in ruins
19 Maison Carrée 4 Nimes (30) France in use
20 Maryhill Stonehenge 1930 Maryhill (WA) USA in use
21 Mausoleum at Halicarnassus -350 Bodrum Turkey destroyed
22 Mortemart Market Hall Mortemart (87) France in use
23 Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III -1370 Deir el-Bahari Egypt in ruins
24 Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut -1470 Deir el-Bahari Egypt in ruins
25 Opéra de Paris 1875 Paris (75) France in use
26 Parthenon -432 Athens Greece in ruins
27 Propylaea -432 Athens Greece in ruins
28 Ramesseum -1250 Luxor Egypt in ruins
29 Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Church 1844 Paris (75) France in use
30 Solbosch Campus Building E2 1935 Ixelles Belgium in use
31 Stoa of Attalos Athens Greece in use
32 Stonehenge -2000 Amesbury (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in ruins
33 Stonehenge Aotearoa Carterton New Zealand in use
34 Takashimaya Building 1993 New York (NY) USA in use
35 Temple d'Auguste et de Livie 40 Vienne (38) France in use
36 Temple of Apollo Side Turkey in ruins
37 Temple of Apollo Epicurius -420 Andritsaina Greece in ruins
38 Temple of Artemis -560 Ephesus Turkey in ruins
39 Temple of Artemis -310 Epidauros Greece in ruins
40 Temple of Asklepios 370 Epidauros Greece in ruins
41 Temple of Athena Nike -420 Athens Greece in ruins
42 Temple of Bacchus Baalbek Lebanon in ruins
43 Temple of Castor and Pollux Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
44 Temple of Castor and Pollux 6 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
45 Temple of Debod Madrid Spain - Aswan Egypt in use
46 Temple of Diana Évora Portugal in ruins
47 Temple of Fortuna Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
48 Temple of Hephaestus -449 Athens Greece in ruins
49 Temple of Hera -470 Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
50 Temple of Heracles -511 Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
51 Temple of Hercules Rome (LZ) Italy in use
52 Temple of Hercules Amman Jordan in ruins
53 Temple of Jupiter Helipolitanus Baalbek Lebanon in ruins
54 Temple of Juturna Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
55 Temple of Mars the Avenger -2 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
56 Temple of Olympian Zeus 125 Athens Greece in ruins
57 Temple of Portunus Rome (LZ) Italy out of service
58 Temple of Poseidon Taranto (PU) Italy in ruins
59 Temple of Saturn -42 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
60 Temple of Segesta -420 Segesta (SC) Italy in ruins
61 Temple of Venus Baalbek Lebanon in ruins
62 Temple of Vespasian and Titus 87 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
63 Temple of Vesta Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
64 Temple of Zeus -480 Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
65 Tholos Epidauros Greece in ruins