Classical (Antiquity)

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Acropolis Athens Greece in ruins
2 Alba Antique Theater Alba-la-Romaine (7) France in ruins
3 Alcántara Bridge Toledo Spain in use
4 Amman Roman Theater Amman Jordan in ruins
5 Amphitheatre of Itálica Santiponce Spain in ruins
6 Ancient Agora of Athens Athens Greece in ruins
7 Antique Theater of Ephesus Ephesus Turkey in ruins
8 Arc de Campanus Aix-les-Bains (73) France in ruins
9 Arch of Diana Cahors (46) France in ruins
10 Arch of Hadrian 131 Athens Greece in ruins
11 Arch of Janus 356 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
12 Arch of Trajan 115 Ancona (MH) Italy in use
13 Arena di Verona Verona (VN) Italy in use
14 Arena of Nîmes 120 in use
15 Arènes de Lutèce Paris (75) France in ruins
16 Arles Antique Theater 12 Arles (13) France in ruins
17 Augustus' Gate -15 Nîmes (30) France in ruins
18 Autun Roman theater Autun (71) France in ruins
19 Basilica Julia Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
20 Basilica of Alesia Alise-Sainte-Reine (21) France in ruins
21 Basilica of Maxentius 312 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
22 Black Gate Besançon (25) France in use
23 Bordeaux Amphitheater Bordeaux (33) France partially demolished
24 Celsus Library 125 Ephesus Turkey in ruins
25 Cendere Bridge Kâhta Turkey in use
26 Chapelle des moines de Berzé-la-ville Berzé-la-Ville (71) France in use
27 Colosseum 80 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
28 Colossus of Rhodes -282 Rhodes Greece destroyed
29 Concordia Temple Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
30 Curia Rome (LZ) Italy rebuilt
31 Église Saint-Côme-et-Saint-Damien de Luzarches Luzarches (95) France in use
32 Erechtheion -406 Athens Greece in ruins
33 Flavian Bridge Saint-Chamas (13) France out of service
34 Fréjus Amphitheater Fréjus (83) France in ruins
35 Gallo-Roman Theater at Dalheim Dalheim Luxembourg in ruins
36 Gallo-Roman Theater of Alesia Alise-Sainte-Reine (21) France in ruins
37 Glanum Arch Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (13) France in ruins
38 Glanum Mausoleum -30 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (13) France in ruins
39 Great Colonnade at Apamea Apamea Syria in ruins
40 Great Colonnade at Palmyra Palmyra Syria in ruins
41 Hadrian's Library 132 Athens Greece in ruins
42 Horreum Romanum -30 Narbonne (11) France out of service
43 House of Sucellus 180 Saint-Romain-en-Gal (69) France in ruins
44 House of the Five Mosaics Saint-Romain-en-Gal (69) France in ruins
45 House of the Vestals Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
46 International Bridge Piedras Albas Spain - Segura Portugal in use
47 Isieion Gortyn Greece in ruins
48 Lecce Amphitheater Lecce (PU) Italy in ruins
49 Lighthouse of Alexandria -279 Alexandria Egypt destroyed
50 Maison Carrée 4 Nîmes (30) France in use
51 Maison des Dieux Océan Saint-Romain-en-Gal (69) France in ruins
52 Merida Amphitheater -8 Mérida Spain in ruins
53 Merida Roman Theater -15 Mérida Spain in ruins
54 Nevers Cathedral Nevers (58) France in use
55 Odeion Gortyn Greece in ruins
56 Odeion of Agrippa -15 Athens Greece destroyed
57 Orange Antique Theater 25 Orange (84) France in use
58 Orange Roman Arch Orange (84) France in ruins
59 Pantheon 125 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
60 Parthenon -432 Athens Greece in ruins
61 Périgueux Amphitheathre Périgueux (24) France in ruins
62 Petra Roman Theater Petra Jordan in ruins
63 Pile de Cinq-Mars Cinq-Mars-la-Pile (37) France in use
64 Pons Fabricius -62 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
65 Ponte delle Chianche 108 Buonalbergo (CM) Italy in ruins
66 Pontecesures Roman Bridge Padrón Spain - Pontecesures Spain in use
67 Porte Saint-André -15 Autun (71) France out of service
68 Praetorium Gortyn Greece in ruins
69 Roman amphitheater Syracuse (SC) Italy in ruins
70 Roman Arch of Carpentras Carpentras (84) France in ruins
71 Roman Theater at Bosra Bosra Syria in ruins
72 Roman Theater at Palmyra Palmyra Syria in ruins
73 Roman Theatre of Itálica Santiponce Spain in ruins
74 Stoa of Attalos Athens Greece in use
75 Temple de Janus Autun (71) France in ruins
76 Temple of Antoninus and Faustina 141 Rome (LZ) Italy
77 Temple of Apollo Epicurius -420 Andritsaina Greece in ruins
78 Temple of Apollo Patroos -320 Athens Greece in ruins
79 Temple of Apollo Pythios Gortyn Greece in ruins
80 Temple of Ares Athens Greece in ruins
81 Temple of Artemis -560 Ephesus Turkey in ruins
82 Temple of Athena Nike -420 Athens Greece in ruins
83 Temple of Castor and Pollux Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
84 Temple of Castor and Pollux 6 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
85 Temple of Diana Nîmes (30) France in ruins
86 Temple of Diana Évora Portugal in ruins
87 Temple of Fortuna Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
88 Temple of Hera -470 Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
89 Temple of Heracles -511 Agrigento (SC) Italy in ruins
90 Temple of Hercules Amman Jordan in ruins
91 Temple of Hercules Rome (LZ) Italy in use
92 Temple of Julius Cesar Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
93 Temple of Juturna Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
94 Temple of Mars the Avenger -2 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
95 Temple of Olympian Zeus 125 Athens Greece in ruins
96 Temple of Portunus Rome (LZ) Italy out of service
97 Temple of Romulus Rome (LZ) Italy
98 Temple of Saturn -42 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
99 Temple of Venus and Roma 135 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
100 Temple of Vespasian and Titus 87 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins