Building structures

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# Name Year Location Status
201 Arch of Septimius Severus 205 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
202 Arch of Titus 81 Rome (LZ) Italy
203 Architect's House Thann (68) France in use
204 Archives de la Ville et de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg 2004 Strasbourg (67) France in use
205 Arco Clementino 1738 Ancona (MH) Italy in use
206 Arco del Granarolo 1822 Brescia (LM) Italy in use
207 Arco del Rosario 1623 Varese (LM) Italy in use
208 Arena AufSchalke Station Gelsenkirchen (NRW) Germany in use
209 Arena Corinthians 2014 São Paulo (SP) Brazil in use
210 Arena da Amazônia 2014 Manaus (AM) Brazil in use
211 Arena da Baixada 1999 Curitiba (PR) Brazil under renovation
212 Arena Leipzig 2002 Leipzig (SN) Germany in use
213 Aréna Maurice-Richard 1962 Montreal (QC) Canada in use
214 Arena Națională 2011 Bucharest Romania in use
215 Arena Nürnberger Versicherung 2001 Nuremberg (BY) Germany in use
216 Arena of Nîmes 120 in use
217 Arena Trier 2003 Trier (RP) Germany in use
218 Ariake Coliseum 1991 Tokyo Japan in use
219 Aristide Briand Gymnasium 2014 Strasbourg (67) France in use
220 Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1965 Phoenix (AZ) USA in use
221 Arkansas State Capitol 1915 Little Rock (AR) USA in use
222 Arles Bus Terminal Arles (13) France in use
223 Arles Cathedral Arles (13) France in use
224 Armed Forces Officers' Club & Hotel Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates in use
225 Armenian Cathedral of Saint Gregory the Illuminator São Paulo (SP) Brazil in use
226 Artemio Franchi Municipal Stadium 1932 Florence (TC) Italy in use
227 Arteplage Biel 2002 Biel (BE) Switzerland dismantled
228 Arthur - The Ride (Europa Park) 2014 Rust (BW) Germany in use
229 As'ad Pasha Khan 1753 Damascus Syria in use
230 Ascension Cathedral 1907 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
231 Ashkhabat Olympic Stadium 2000 Ashgabat Turkmenistan in use
232 Asphalt Green Sports and Arts Center 1944 New York (NY) USA in use
233 Assembléia Legislativa de Pernambuco 1876 Recife (PE) Brazil in use
234 Assembly Hall 103 2002 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
235 Assembly Hall of University of Illinois 1964 Champaign (IL) USA in use
236 Assumption Cathedral 1898 Omsk Russia in use
237 Astrabudua Metro Station Access Pavilion 2011 Erandio Spain in use
238 ATAG Depot 1932 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
239 Atatürk Stadium 2001 Istanbul Turkey in use
240 Atikalipasa Mosque 1497 Istanbul Turkey in use
241 Atlantic Puffin Hall at Dählhölzli Zoo 2009 Berne (BE) Switzerland in use
242 Atlántida Church 1960 Atlántida Uruguay in use
243 Atomium 1958 Brussels Belgium in use
244 Atrium (Bad Grund) 1929 Bad Grund (Harz) (NI) Germany in use
245 Atyaboul Massadjid Mosque 1975 Saint-Pierre Réunion in use
246 Auch Cathedral 1560 Auch (32) France in use
247 Audi Zentrum Bochum Bochum (NRW) Germany in use
248 Audimax Maximum 1958 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
249 Auditorium Albert-Collet 1935 Vierzon (18) France in use
250 Auditorium Maximum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum Bochum (NRW) Germany in use
251 Auditorium of South Mountain High School 1972 Phoenix (AZ) USA in use
252 Auditorium of Tenerife 2003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain in use
253 Auditorium of Tongji University 1962 Shanghai China in use
254 Augsburg Synagogue 1917 Augsburg (BY) Germany in use
255 Auguste Piccard School Gymnasium Lausanne (VD) Switzerland in use
256 Augustus' Gate -15 Nîmes (30) France in ruins
257 Aula der Fachhochschule für Technik 1968 Esslingen am Neckar (BW) Germany in use
258 Aula des Cèdres 1962 Lausanne (VD) Switzerland in use
259 Aula Maxima of Slovakia Technical University 1962 Bratislava Slovakia in use
260 Aulne Abbey Gozée Belgium in ruins
261 Aussegnungshalle 1999 Gräfelfing (BY) Germany in use
262 Ausstellungs- und Veranstaltungshalle 2010 Bielefeld (NRW) Germany in use
263 Australian War Memorial 1941 Canberra (ACT) Australia in use
264 Autohalle Bramfelder Straße 111 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
265 Autohaus Brüggemann Rheine (NRW) Germany in use
266 Autohaus Brüggemann Neubrandenburg (MV) Germany in use
267 Autohaus Sigg Augsburg 1981 Augsburg (BY) Germany in use
268 Autopalace 1964 Montevideo Uruguay in use
269 Autorena Kriens (LU) Switzerland in use
270 Auxerre Cathedral 1235 Auxerre (89) France in use
271 Avangarden Entrance 2008 Istanbul Turkey in use
272 Aviary in Parc Floral at Orleans 1997 Orléans (45) France in use
273 Avignon TGV Station 2001 Avignon (84) France in use
274 Avinguda Diagonal Norte Road Sign Gantries 1986 Barcelona Spain in use
275 Aviodome 1969 Haarlemmermeer Netherlands demolished
276 Avord Aircraft Hangars 1916 Avord (18) France in use
277 Awning of Solbusch Campus Building S 1966 Brussels Belgium in use
278 Axel Springer Medien Campus 2019 Berlin (BE) Germany under construction
279 B-1 Aircraft Hangar 1999 Warner Robins (GA) USA in use
280 Baabe Book Kiosk 1971 Baabe (MV) Germany in use
281 Bacardi Rum Factory 1960 Tultitlán de Mariano Escobedo (MEX) Mexico in use
282 Baden-Oos Adminstrative Building 1954 Baden-Baden (BW) Germany in use
283 Baden-Oos Zeppelin Hangar 1910 Baden-Baden (BW) Germany dismantled
284 Badhaus Blaubeuren (BW) Germany in use
285 badi brugg 1981 Brugg (AG) Switzerland in use
286 Badia Polesine Toll gate 2014 Badia Polesine (VN) Italy in use
287 Badshahi Mosque 1674 Lahore Pakistan in use
288 Bahá'í House of Worship 1953 Wilmette (IL) USA in use
289 Bahá'í House of Worship 1964 Hofheim am Taunus (HE) Germany in use
290 Baha'i House of Worship 1972 Panama City Panama in use
291 Bahnhof Köln-Deutz Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
292 Bahnhofplatz Süd 2013 Winterthur (ZH) Switzerland in use
293 Bait'ul Futuh Mosque 2003 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
294 Baiyoke Tower II 1997 Bangkok Thailand in use
295 Bajrakli Mosque 1688 Belgrade Serbia in use
296 Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage 1927 Moscow Russia in use
297 Baku Airport Toll Gate Baku Azerbaijan in use
298 Bal Haf LNG Tanks 2008 Bal Haf Yemen in use
299 Balcon al Mar Aquatic Center 2005 Valencia Spain project phase
300 Baltimore City Hall 1875 Baltimore (MD) USA in use