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The database currently contains a total of 212 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Abteikirche Neresheim 1792 Neresheim (BW) Germany in use
2 Ajuda National Palace Lisbon Portugal in use
3 Albertina 1747 Vienna Austria in use
4 Archbishop's Palace Prague Czechia in use
5 Basílica de San Francisco 1758 La Paz Bolivia in use
6 Basilica della Collegiata 1768 Catania (SC) Italy in use
7 Basilica di San Vittore Varese (LM) Italy in use
8 Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri 1564 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
9 Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute 1687 Venice (VN) Italy in use
10 Basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto 1679 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
11 Basilica of Saint Lawrence 1905 Asheville (NC) USA in use
12 Basilica of San Bernardino 1472 L'Aquila (AB) Italy in use
13 Basilica of the College of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Kalisz (WP) Poland in use
14 Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel 1745 Madrid Spain in use
15 Basilika Vierzehnheiligen 1772 Lichtenfels (BY) Germany - Bad Staffelstein (BY) Germany in use
16 Bastia Pro-Cathedral Bastia (2B) France in use
17 Blue House / White House 1775 Basel (BS) Switzerland in use
18 Capela da Virxe Peregrina de Pontevedra Pontevedra Spain in use
19 Cartuja Monastery Granada Spain in use
20 Catania Cathedral 1669 Catania (SC) Italy in use
21 Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 1633 Sucre Bolivia in use
22 Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción 1837 Santa Fé de Antioquia Colombia in use
23 Cathedral of Havana Havana Cuba in use
24 Cathedral of Saint Sophia Polotsk Belarus in use
25 Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary 1710 Minsk Belarus in use
26 Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela 1428 Santiago de Compostela Spain in use
27 Cathedral of the Holy Cross 1838 Cádiz Spain in use
28 Chapel of the Grand Seminary 1692 Cambrai (59) France in use
29 Chapelle de la Miséricorde de Nice 1770 Nice (06) France in use
30 Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Ardilliers de Saumur 1696 Saumur (49) France in use
31 Chapelle Sainte-Marie de Nevers 1634 Nevers (58) France in use
32 Château de Maisons 1651 Maisons-Laffitte (78) France in use
33 Chiesa collegiata dei Santi Pietro e Stefano 1565 Bellinzona (TI) Switzerland in use
34 Chiesa degli Scalzi Venice (VN) Italy in use
35 Chiesa dei Santi Fedele e Simone 1625 Vico Morcote (TI) Switzerland in use
36 Chiesa di Loreto Rovereto (TT) Italy in use
37 Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista in San Domenico 1567 Savona (LG) Italy in use
38 Chiesa di San Vincenzo 1707 Vicenza (VN) Italy in use
39 Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta detta I Gesuiti 1729 Venice (VN) Italy in use
40 Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Ghirli 1625 Campione d'Italia (LM) Italy in use
41 Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli 1679 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
42 Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio Venice (VN) Italy in use
43 Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario 1736 Venice (VN) Italy in use
44 Chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth 1705 Venice (VN) Italy in use
45 Chiesa di Santa Maria di Provenzano 1611 Siena (TC) Italy in use
46 Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore 1524 Trento (TT) Italy under renovation
47 Chioggia Cathedral 1674 Chioggia (VN) Italy in use
48 Church of Our Lady Incarnate Lisbon Portugal in use
49 Church of Saint Agostino Siena (TC) Italy in use
50 Church of Saint Anthony the Great 1510 Bilbao Spain in use
51 Church of Saint Francis Scicli (SC) Italy in use
52 Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola at Campus Martius Rome (LZ) Italy in use
53 Church of Saint John Evangelist Scicli (SC) Italy in use
54 Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Béguinage Brussels Belgium in use
55 Church of Saint Nicholas 1756 Bilbao Spain in use
56 Church of Saint Nicholas on the Water 2004 Kiev Ukraine in use
57 Church of Saints Peter and Paul Cracow (MP) Poland in use
58 Church of San Giuseppe Ragusa (SC) Italy in use
59 Church of San Raimondo 1660 Siena (TC) Italy in use
60 Church of the Intercession in Fili 1693 Moscow Russia in use
61 Church of the Most Holy Trinity of Pilgrims 1597 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
62 Clérigos Church 1750 Porto Portugal in use
63 Clérigos Tower 1763 Porto Portugal in use
64 Cocathédrale Saint-Michel de Sospel 1720 Sospel (06) France in use
65 Dominican Church 1634 Vienna Austria in use
66 Dreifaltigkeitskirche Kappl 1689 Waldsassen (BY) Germany in use
67 Dreifaltigkeitskirche von Burgau 1703 Jena (TH) Germany in use
68 Duomo Nuovo 1825 Brescia (LM) Italy in use
69 Église du Dôme 1691 Paris (75) France in use
70 Église Notre-Dame de Chambéry Chambéry (73) France in use
71 Église Notre-Dame de Guebwiller Guebwiller (68) France in use
72 Église Notre-Dame de Richelieu Richelieu (37) France in use
73 Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption de Metz 1739 Metz (57) France in use
74 Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption de Saint-Martin-Vésubie 1694 Saint-Martin-Vésubie (06) France in use
75 Église Saint-Didier d'Asfeld 1685 Asfeld (08) France in use
76 Église Saint-François d'Annecy Annecy (74) France in use
77 Église Saint-Gérard Liège Belgium in use
78 Église Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur-et-Saint-Ignace d'Aire-sur-la-Lys 1688 Aire-sur-la-Lys (62) France in use
79 Église Saint-Martin-Saint-Augustin de Nice Nice (06) France in use
80 Église Saint-Maurice de Besançon 1714 Besançon (25) France in use
81 Église Saint-Michel de La Turbie 1777 La Turbie (06) France in use
82 Église Saint-Patern de Vannes 1826 Vannes (56) France in use
83 Église Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens de l'Escarène 1656 L'Escarène (06) France in use
84 Eichstätt Catjedral 1718 Eichstätt (BY) Germany in use
85 Ettal Abbey Ettal (BY) Germany in use
86 Fire Tower Sopron Hungary in use
87 Floreffe Abbey Floreffe Belgium in use
88 Franciscan Church Ljubljana Slovenia in use
89 Granada Cathedral 1704 Granada Spain in use
90 Grand Temple de Nîmes 1736 Nimes (30) France in use
91 Grasalkovicov Palace 1760 Bratislava Slovakia in use
92 Heidelberg City Hall 1703 Heidelberg (BW) Germany in use
93 Helblinghaus 1725 Innsbruck (TIR) Austria in use
94 Herkulesbauwerk 1711 Kassel (HE) Germany in use
95 Holy Trinity Cathedral 1751 Dresden (SN) Germany in use
96 Hugenottenkirche 1736 Erlangen (BY) Germany in use
97 Iglesia de los Santos Juanes Valencia Spain in use
98 Iglesia de Santo Domingo Popayán Colombia in use
99 Igrexa de San Francisco Santiago de Compostela Spain in use
100 Igrexa de San Fructuoso 1767 Santiago de Compostela Spain in use