Agricultural buildings

The database currently contains a total of 161 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Albert Schöchle Amazonas Pavilion 2000 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
2 Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory 1904 Detroit (MI) USA in use
3 Aquarium La Rochelle 1988 La Rochelle (17) France in use
4 Aquarium of the Pacific 1998 Long Beach (CA) USA in use
5 Atlantic Puffin Hall at Dählhölzli Zoo 2009 Berne (BE) Switzerland in use
6 Aviary in Parc Floral at Orleans 1997 Orléans (45) France in use
7 Berlin Aquarium 1913 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
8 Biosphäre Potsdam 2001 Potsdam (BB) Germany in use
9 Bois de la Bâtie Park Aviary 2008 Geneva (GE) Switzerland in use
10 Chantilly Castle - Great Stables 1740 Chantilly (60) France in use
11 Chatsworth Green House 1840 Chatsworth (GB-ENG) United Kingdom destroyed
12 Climatron 1959 Saint Louis (MO) USA in use
13 Clinker Silos Alexandria Egypt in use
14 Conservatory of Flowers 1879 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
15 Crystal Gardens Chicago (IL) USA in use
16 Çumra Sugar Silo 2005 Konya Turkey in use
17 Dagon Silo Haifa Israel in use
18 Dominus Winery 1997 Yountville (CA) USA in use
19 Ecorium 2013 Maseo-myeon South Korea in use
20 Eden Project 2001 Saint Austell (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
21 El Señorío de Otazu Wine Cellar 1997 Etxauri Spain in use
22 Elephant House at the Copenhagen Zoo 2008 Copenhagen Denmark in use
23 Elephant House of the Cologne Zoo 2004 Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
24 Equatorial Green House (Jardin des plantes) 1970 Lille (59) France in use
25 Esterhazy Winery 2006 Trausdorf an der Wulka (BGL) Austria in use
26 Exotic Garden Greenhouse 2018 Les Moneghetti Monaco under construction
27 GAEC Les Aurelles Winery 2001 Nizas (34) France in use
28 GAMESA Silo 1968 Monterrey (NL) Mexico in use
29 Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest 2012 Singapore Singapore in use
30 Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome 2012 Singapore Singapore in use
31 Gardens by the Bay Supertrees 2012 Singapore Singapore in use
32 Genoa Aquarium 1992 Genoa (LG) Italy in use
33 Georgia Aquarium Atlanta (GA) USA in use
34 Getreidespeicher 1913 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
35 Grand Rocher 1934 Paris (75) France in use
36 Great Conservatory at Syon Park 1827 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
37 Great Glass House of the Wales Botanic Gardens 2000 Porthyrhyd (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
38 Great Glasshouse of the National Botanical Gardens of Wales 2000 Llanarthney (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
39 Great Royal Stables 1682 Versailles (78) France in use
40 Great Tropical Green House 1907 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
41 Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Conservatory 1979 Des Moines (IA) USA in use
42 Green House B Berlin (BE) Germany in use
43 Green House C Berlin (BE) Germany in use
44 Green House D Berlin (BE) Germany in use
45 Green House E Berlin (BE) Germany in use
46 Green House F Berlin (BE) Germany in use
47 Green House G Berlin (BE) Germany in use
48 Green House H Berlin (BE) Germany in use
49 Green House I Berlin (BE) Germany in use
50 Green House K Berlin (BE) Germany in use
51 Green House L Berlin (BE) Germany in use
52 Green House M Berlin (BE) Germany in use
53 Green House N Berlin (BE) Germany in use
54 Green House of the Botanical Institute 1975 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
55 Greenhouse of the Horticultural Service of the CIty of Lausanne Lausanne (VD) Switzerland in use
56 Greystone Cellars 1889 Saint Helena (CA) USA
57 Grosskatzengehege Krefeld (NRW) Germany in use
58 Grüningen Botanical Garden Show Greenhouse 2012 Grüningen (ZH) Switzerland in use
59 Haras National de Cluny 1807 Cluny (71) France in use
60 Haus des Meeres Vienna Austria in use
61 Henninger Turm 1961 Frankfurt (HE) Germany demolished
62 Hippo House 1996 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
63 Instituto Técnico de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja - Coal Silo 1951 Madrid Spain in use
64 Jackson Triggs Winery 2001 Niagara-on-the-Lake (ON) Canada in use
65 John G. Shedd Aquarium 1929 Chicago (IL) USA in use
66 Julián Chivite Winery 2001 Aberin Spain in use
67 Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park 2014 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
68 Kelterhalle des Weinguts Bietighöfer 2013 Billigheim-Ingenheim (RP) Germany in use
69 Kew Gardens Palm House 1848 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
70 Kew Gardens Temperature House 1862 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
71 L'Oceanogràfic Valencia Spain in use
72 L'Oceanogràfic - Dolphinarium Valencia Spain in use
73 L'Orangerie du Jardin Massey Tarbes (65) France in use
74 La Bolla 2001 Genoa (LG) Italy in use
75 La Mothe Castle Orangery 1634 La Mothe-Saint-Héray (79) France in use
76 Lafarge Clinker Silo at Medgidia 2009 Medgidia Romania in use
77 Large Parc André Citroën Greenhouses 1992 Paris (75) France in use
78 Le Silo 1926 Marseilles (13) France in use
79 Les Silos 1935 Chaumont (52) France in use
80 Lincoln Park Conservatory 1895 Chicago (IL) USA in use
81 Lisbon Oceanarium 1998 Lisbon Portugal in use
82 Löbbecke-Museum / Aquazoo 1987 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
83 Maison Universitaire Internationale 1934 Strasbourg (67) France in use
84 Maissilo 1924 Barby (ST) Germany in use
85 Marco Real Winery 1991 Olite Spain in use
86 Masoala Hall 2003 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
87 Mediterranean Green House 1908 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
88 Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne (VIC) Australia in use
89 Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey (CA) USA in use
90 Mozal Alumina Silo 1999 Maputo Mozambique in use
91 Mumm Champaign Cellar 1899 Reims (51) France in use
92 Musée de la Mer 1933 Biarritz (64) France in use
93 National Aquarium 1981 Baltimore (MD) USA in use
94 National Aquarium of New Zealand 1976 Napier New Zealand in use
95 Neuer Marstall 1901 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
96 New England Aquarium 1969 Boston (MA) USA in use
97 New Green House Berlin (BE) Germany in use
98 Orang Utan House 2004 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
99 Orangerie (Fulda) Fulda (HE) Germany in use
100 Orangerie du Château de Sceaux 1686 Sceaux (92) France