Wildlife crossings

The database currently contains a total of 41 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Barnekow Wildlife Overpass 1996 Barnekow (MV) Germany in use
2 Brengova Ecoduct 2008 Slovenia Slovenia in use
3 Brienzwiler Wildlife Crossing Brienzwiler (BE) Switzerland in use
4 Burgemeester Letschertbrug Tilburg Netherlands in use
5 Crailo Sand Quarry Nature Bridge 2006 Hilversum Netherlands in use
6 Dedin Tunnel Delnice Croatia in use
7 Eckartswiller Green Bridge 1976 Eckartswiller (67) France in use
8 Gančani Ecoduct 2008 Murska Sobota Slovenia in use
9 Green Bridge (A 72) 2003 Germany Germany in use
10 Grünbrücke Aichelberg Aichelberg (BW) Germany in use
11 Grünbrücke Hohenlinden 1993 Überlingen (BW) Germany in use
12 Grünbrücke Nietheim 2011 Heidenheim an der Brenz (BW) Germany in use
13 Hainholz Green Bridge 2007 Pronstorf (SH) Germany in use
14 Heinzenberg Wildlife Crossing Nettersheim (NRW) Germany in use
15 Hoog Buurlo Wildlife Crossing 2011 Apeldoorn Netherlands in use
16 Hôrka Wildlife Crossing Hôrka Slovakia in use
17 Hrabuvka Wildlife Crossing and Overpass (D1) 2008 Hrabuvka Czechia in use
18 Isenberg Tunnel 2009 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
19 Kanalbrücke über die Stever Olfen (NRW) Germany in use
20 Kikbeek Wildlife Crossing 2005 Maasmechelen Belgium in use
21 Klein-Flöthe Wildlife Overpass 1994 Flöthe (NI) Germany in use
22 Laarderhoogt Wildlife Crossing 2015 Laren Netherlands in use
23 Le Maira Wildlife Crossing 2011 Basse-Allaine (JU) Switzerland in use
24 Lenart Ecoduct 2008 Slovenia Slovenia in use
25 Les Adrets-de-l'Estérel Wildlife Crossing 2017 Les Adrets-de-l'Estérel (83) France in use
26 Les Combes Wildlife Crossing 2014 Courtedoux (JU) Switzerland in use
27 Mostje Ecoduct 2008 Slovenia Slovenia in use
28 Néronde Bat Bridge 2013 Néronde (42) France in use
29 Rengelbur Wildlife Crossing 2015 Steinsel Luxembourg in use
30 Roost Wildlife Crossing 2001 Mersch Luxembourg in use
31 Squirrel Bridge 2012 The Hague Netherlands in use
32 Stock Wildlife Crossing 2001 Biel (BE) Switzerland in use
33 Suchdol nad Odrou Wildlife Crossing (D1) 2008 Suchdol nad Odrou Czechia in use
34 Terlet Wildlife Crossing 1990 Arnhem Netherlands in use
35 Teupitz Wildlife Crossing 2011 Teupitz (BB) Germany in use
36 Urbarialni Gozd Ecoduct 2008 Slovenia Slovenia in use
37 Wiesenhagen Wildlife Crossing 2012 Trebbin (BB) Germany in use
38 Wildlife Overpass Urcel (2) France in use
39 Wilmshagen Wildlife Crossing 2004 Sundhagen (MV) Germany in use
40 Woeste Hoeve Wildlife Crossing 1990 Apeldoorn Netherlands in use
41 Würtembergle Bridge 1989 Radolfzell am Bodensee (BW) Germany in use