Precast girders with cast-in-situ slab

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# Name Year Location Status
1 A 43 Bridge across Ruhr and Mühlengraben 1969 Witten (NRW) Germany in use
2 A1 Motorway Bridge 1961 Florence (TC) Italy in use
3 A19/A20 Junction Bridge 1999 Dummerstorf (MV) Germany in use
4 A64 Adour Bridge Tarbes (65) France in use
5 A709 Lez River Bridge Montpellier (34) France in use
6 Achladocampos Viaduct 1973 Achladocampos Greece in use
7 Acitain Viaduct Eibar Spain in use
8 Aigeira Motorway Bridge Aigeira Greece in use
9 Akrata Motorway Bridge Aigeira Greece - Akrata Greece in use
10 Alfonso Reyes Bridge Monterrey (NL) Mexico in use
11 Arbouans Viaduct 1975 Arbouans (25) France in use
12 Asti Viaduct 1973 Asti (PM) Italy in use
13 Awatere Bridge 2008 Seddon New Zealand in use
14 B 10 Overpass over the A 5 2006 Karlsruhe (BW) Germany in use
15 Ba River Bridge 1997 Fiji Fiji in use
16 Bahía-San Vicente Bridge 2010 Bahía de Caráquez Ecuador in use
17 Bandekow Bridge 1998 Teldau (MV) Germany in use
18 Barranco de Silva Viaduct 1994 Telde Spain in use
19 Bejići Bridge Croatia Croatia in use
20 Benalmádena Viaduct Benalmádena Spain in use
21 Benha Bridge 1959 Banha Egypt in use
22 Bletchley Flyover 1959 Milton Keynes (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
23 Bridge BR1G 2003 Muscat Oman in use
24 Bridge BR1K 2003 Muscat Oman in use
25 Brücke Bahnhof Westhofen 2009 Schwerte (NRW) Germany in use
26 Brücke Hesseler Weg 1938 Oelde (NRW) Germany - Beckum (NRW) Germany out of service
27 Brücke Vilsbiburg 1999 Vilsbiburg (BY) Germany in use
28 Brunet Bridge Brunet (4) France in use
29 Busento Viaduct 1969 Cosenza (CI) Italy in use
30 Calle Telar Elevated Road Bridge El Puerto de Santa María Spain in use
31 Carito Viaduct 2011 Cosenza (CI) Italy in use
32 Castle Bridge 2001 Weston-super-Mare (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
33 Castle Garden Bridge 1999 Cameron County (PA) USA in use
34 Chaozhou Hanjiang Bridge East Chaozhou China
35 Chaozhou Hanjiang Bridge West Chaozhou China
36 Charleswood Bridge Winnipeg (MB) Canada in use
37 Chaussée d'Yvoir Elevated Road Bridge Annevoie-Rouillon Belgium in use
38 Chek Lap Kok Airport Taxiway Bridge Hong Kong China in use
39 Chiswick-Langley Viaduct London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
40 Colostre Road Bridge near Gréoux Gréoux-les-Bains (4) France - Esparron-de-Verdon (4) France in use
41 Colwood Refueling Jetty Esquimalt (BC) Canada in use
42 Coon Rapids Dam 1997 Coon Rapids (MN) USA in use
43 Couillet Viaduct Charleroi Belgium in use
44 Crna Draga Bridge Croatia Croatia in use
45 Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge 1970 New York (NY) USA in use
46 D 4 Bridge Malijai (4) France in use
47 D'Angelo Viaduct 2013 Reggio di Calabria (CI) Italy in use
48 D'Antico Viaduct 1969 Avellino (CM) Italy in use
49 Daggett Road Bridge Stockton (CA) USA in use
50 Dar Drius Bridge 1961 Dar Drius Morocco in use
51 Diaterna Viaduct 2009 Firenze (TC) Italy in use
52 Djedeida Bridge 1946 Djedeida Tunisia
53 Djerba-Zarzis Island Causeway Bridge 2006 Djerba Island Tunisia in use
54 Dobra River Bridge Vrbovsko Croatia
55 Drežnik Viadukt Karlovac Croatia
56 Dugi Vrh Bridge Možđenec Croatia in use
57 Düsseldorfer Strasse Overpass Duisburg (NRW) Germany - Krefeld (NRW) Germany in use
58 Eduardo Casavilca Viaduct 1972 Martorell Spain in use
59 Elgoibar Viaduct Elgóibar Spain in use
60 Empalot Bridge 1977 Toulouse (31) France in use
61 Empalot Bridge (A620) 1995 Toulouse (31) France in use
62 Estacade de la Couronne La Couronne (16) France completed
63 Estacade de la Falaise Cubzac-les-Ponts (33) France completed
64 Estacade de la Folie Poitiers (86) France - Migné-Auxances (86) France completed
65 Europabrug 1972 Vilvoorde Belgium in use
66 Eve Street Viaduct 2001 Sydney (NSW) Australia in use
67 Fifth Ahvaz Bridge 1996 Ahvaz Iran in use
68 Fifth Street Bridge 2008 Atlanta (GA) USA in use
69 Flaminia Viaduct Perugia (UM) Italy in ruins
70 Fontejau Bridge Girona Spain in use
71 Fradinina Bridge Croatia Croatia in use
72 Freiwalde Overpass 1993 Bersteland (BB) Germany in use
73 Friendship Bridge (Tartu) 1981 Tartu Estonia in use
74 Galeão Bridge 1949 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Brazil in use
75 General Holmes Drive Viaduct 2001 Sydney (NSW) Australia in use
76 Gerede Viaduct Gerede Turkey
77 Grand Avenue Bridge Los Angeles (CA) USA in use
78 Grevenmacher Bridge 1955 Grevenmacher Luxembourg - Wellen (RP) Germany demolished
79 Guerville Viaduct 1965 Guerville (76) France in use
80 Hägersten Viaduct Stockholm Sweden in use
81 Hangbrücke Kinding 1979 Kinding (BY) Germany in use
82 Hélio Serejo Bridge 1964 Presidente Epitácio (SP) Brazil - Bataguassu (MT) Brazil in use
83 Highway Overpass Ratingen-Schwarzbach 1991 Ratingen (NRW) Germany in use
84 Hochbrücke Kosbacher Damm 1978 Erlangen (BY) Germany in use
85 Idice Viaduct 2009 Bologna (ER) Italy in use
86 Imo River Bridge Imo Nigeria in use
87 Jebel Ali Terminal 4 Causeway Bridge 2015 Jebel Ali United Arab Emirates under construction
88 Jinnah Bridge 1997 Karachi Pakistan in use
89 Jumet Viaduct Charleroi Belgium in use
90 K19 Bridge 2006 Ratingen (NRW) Germany in use
91 K58 Overpass 1995 Königslutter am Elm (NI) Germany in use
92 Kallady Bridge 2013 Batticaloa Sri Lanka in use
93 Kerzers Viaduct Kerzers (FR) Switzerland in use
94 Khor Samaha Bridge 2010 Khartoum North Sudan in use
95 Kien Bridge 2003 Hải Phòng Vietnam in use
96 Kuchl Overpass 2008 Kuchl (SBG) Austria in use
97 L'Escale Dam 1963 L'Escale (4) France - Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban (4) France in use
98 La Jarosa Viaduct Guadarrama Spain in use
99 La Jarosa Viaduct 1963 Guadarrama Spain in use
100 La Jarosa Viaduct 1972 Guadarrama Spain in use