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Movable bridges

The database currently contains a total of 1039 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 100th Street Bridge 1927 Chicago (IL) USA in use
2 106th Street Bridge 1928 Chicago (IL) USA in use
3 112th Street Bridge 1996 Cohoes (NY) USA - Lansingburgh (NY) USA in use
4 145th Street Bridge 1905 New York (NY) USA in use
5 17th Street Causeway Bridge Fort Lauderdale (FL) USA in use
6 18th Street Bridge 1967 Chicago (IL) USA in use
7 1e Kanaalsbrug 1895 Leeuwarden Netherlands in use
8 95th Street Bridge 1958 Chicago (IL) USA in use
9 A29 Haringvliet Bridge 1964 Goeree-Overflakkee Netherlands - Voorne-Putten Netherlands in use
10 Abou al-Ela Bridge 1912 Cairo Egypt demolished
11 Acton Swing Bridge Acton Bridge (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
12 Adams Street Bridge 1927 Chicago (IL) USA in use
13 Aerial Lift Bridge 1905 Duluth (MN) USA in use
14 Aggersund Bridge 1942 Aggersund Denmark - Løgstør Denmark in use
15 Aguesses Footbridge Liège Belgium in use
16 Al Maktoum Bridge Dubai United Arab Emirates in use
17 Albatros Bridge Lázaro Cárdenas (MICH) Mexico in use
18 Alcácer do Sal Bascule Bridge Alcácer do Sal Portugal in use
19 Allen Street Bridge 1906 Kelso (WA) USA collapsed
20 Allen Street Bridge 1923 Kelso (WA) USA demolished
21 Almonaster Avenue Bridge New Orleans (LA) USA in use
22 Alphen aan den Rijn Lift Bridge 1938 Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands in use
23 Alte Geestebrücke 1904 Bremerhaven (HB) Germany in use
24 Aluminiumbrug 1896 Amsterdam Netherlands in use
25 Amsterdam Bridge Toronto (ON) Canada in use
26 Amtsgraben Bridge 1997 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
27 Ango Bridge 1950 Dieppe (76) France in use
28 Ankerparkbrug 1908 Den Helder Netherlands demolished
29 Annerveen Draw Bridge Aa en Hunze Netherlands in use
30 Antioch Bridge 1926 Sherman Island (CA) USA - Antioch (CA) USA demolished
31 Arenc Swing Bridge Marseilles (13) France in use
32 Arlington Memorial Bridge 1932 Washington USA in use
33 Armour, Swift, Burlington Bridge 1911 Kansas City (MO) USA - Clay County (MO) USA in use
34 Arsenal Bridge Le Havre (76) France demolished
35 Årstabron 1929 Stockholm Sweden in use
36 Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge 1959 Elizabeth (NJ) USA - New York (NY) USA in use
37 Ashland Avenue North Branch Bridge 1936 Chicago (IL) USA in use
38 Ashland Avenue South Branch Bridge 1938 Chicago (IL) USA in use
39 Asiabrug 1921 Antwerp Belgium in use
40 Atchinson Rail Bridge Atchison (KS) USA - Buchanan County (MO) USA in use
41 Atenabrêge 1972 Dokkum Netherlands in use
42 Atlantic Beach Bridge 1952 Atlantic Beach (NY) USA
43 Audierne Bridge Audierne (29) France demolished
44 Baanbrug 1881 Edam-Volendam Netherlands in use
45 Baanhoekbrug 1983 Dordrecht Netherlands - Sliedrecht Netherlands in use
46 Back Bay of Biloxi Bridge Biloxi (MS) USA - Ocean Springs (MS) USA in use
47 Bacon Island Road Bridge 1995 San Joaquin County (CA) USA in use
48 Bahnhofsbrücke Warnemünde 1903 Rostock (MV) Germany in use
49 Balgzandbasculebrug 1989 Anna Paulowna Netherlands in use
50 Ballard Bridge 1917 Seattle (WA) USA in use
51 Baltimore & Ohio / Chicago Terminal Railroad Bridge 1930 Chicago (IL) USA out of service
52 Banavie Swing Bridge Banavie (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
53 Barmouth Bridge 1901 Barmouth (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
54 Barton Swing Aqueduct 1893 Salford (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
55 Barton Swing Bridge Salford (GB-ENG) United Kingdom - Trafford (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
56 Bascule Bridge across the Bordigue Canal 1932 Sète (34) France in use
57 Basra Swing Bridge Basra Iraq in use
58 Bayou La Batre Bridge 1984 Grand Bay (AL) USA in use
59 Bayou Teche Bridge 1934 Ruth (LA) USA
60 Bayville Bridge 1938 Bayville (NY) USA in use
61 Beardstown Railroad Bridge Schuyler County (IL) USA - Beardstown (IL) USA in use
62 Beatrix Bridge Waterland Netherlands in use
63 Belize City Swing Bridge Belize City Belize in use
64 Bell's Bridge 1988 Glasgow (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
65 Belleville Turnpike Bridge 2002 Belleville (NJ) USA in use
66 Bellmouth Bridges 2001 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
67 Bellmouth Footbridge London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
68 Bellmouth Swing Bridges 2003 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
69 Ben Sawyer Bridge 1945 Charleston (SC) USA in use
70 Benjamin Harrison Bridge Hopewell (VA) USA in use
71 Berkley Bridge 1991 Norfolk (VA) USA in use
72 Berkley-Dighton Bridge 1896 Dighton (MA) USA - Berkley (MA) USA demolished
73 Beukerssluis Bridge Overijssel Netherlands in use
74 Biensmabrêge 2001 Grou Netherlands in use
75 Bilbao Cable-stayed Swing Bridge Erandio Spain unrealized project
76 Binic Port Footbridge 1993 Binic (22) France in use
77 Binnenhavenbrug Rotterdam Netherlands in use
78 Birdaard Draw Bridge 1976 Birdaard Netherlands in use
79 Birkenhead Bridge City of Adelaide (SA) Australia - Port Adelaide (SA) Australia in use
80 Bizerta Bascule Bridge 1980 Bizerta Tunisia in use
81 Black Rock Rail Bridge Salem (OR) USA disused
82 Blokhuisbrug 1986 Leeuwarden Netherlands demolished
83 Bloklaanbrug Stichtse Vecht Netherlands in use
84 Blue Bridge Friedrichstadt (SH) Germany in use
85 Blue Bridge London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
86 Blue Bridge 1930 York (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
87 Blue Nile Road & Railway Bridge 1909 Khartoum Sudan - Khartoum North Sudan in use
88 Blue-Wing Moji 1993 Kitakyushu Japan in use
89 BNSF Bridge Prescott (WI) USA in use
90 BNSF Lewis River Bridge 1908 Cowlitz County (WA) USA - Clark County (WA) USA in use
91 BNSF Railway Bridge Pasco (WA) USA - Kennewick (WA) USA in use
92 Bolgerijense Brug 1949 Vianen Netherlands in use
93 Boombrug 1970 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands in use
94 Bordigue Canal Road Bridge 1949 Sète (34) France in use
95 Borensberg Bascule Bridge Motala Sweden in use
96 Boschkampbrug 1992 Westerveld Netherlands in use
97 Bosscheweg Bridge 1953 Tilburg Netherlands in use
98 Boston & Maine Charles River Railroad Bridges 1931 Boston (MA) USA in use
99 Botlekbrug 1955 Rotterdam Netherlands out of service
100 Botlekbrug 2015 Rotterdam Netherlands in use