Boehringer Ingelheim - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology

General Information

Name in local language: Boehringer Ingelheim - Institut für Molekulare Pathologie
Beginning of works: December 2014
Completion: September 2016
Status: in use

Project Type

Function / usage: Research building


Location: , ,
Address: Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1
Coordinates: 48° 11' 21.06" N    16° 24' 9.62" E
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Technical Information


building volume 66 854 m³
gross floor area 14 945 m²

Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP)

The Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) forms the nucleus of the Vienna Biocenter, a leading global center for the biological sciences. The new general environment and specific technical needs of science and research meant that the construction of a new building was essential. The core requirement given to the designers was that they should promote communication amongst the 200 researchers, guarantee the flexibility of the laboratories in the light of future technical demands and optimize the energy performance of the building. In 2013 ATP architects engineers (Vienna) won the invited competition and was commissioned to carry out the integrated design.

Everything in the new IMP building is focussed on research and interaction. The heart of the complex is a generous, five-story atrium around which open office areas, comfortable meeting points and the laboratory zones are organised. The IMP is connected with neighbouring institutions via a glazed bridge which further encourages interdisciplinary exchange amongst researchers.

The reference to the DNA fingerprint which is incorporated into the vertically structured façade of the new building provides an external hint at the research activity within.

ATP Vienna developed a lifecycle-oriented, resource-saving energy concept in close, integrated cooperation with ATP sustain



Structural engineering
Building services engineering

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