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Centrally located between city centre and business quarter of Vilnius, a new office building is being built. Green Hall 2, located next to Neris River... [more]

The Grančarevo Dam is located on the Trebišnjica River in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina near its border with Montenegro. With 123 m, this ar... [more]

The Rogers Arena South Tower is part of the Aquilini Centre, a construction project in northern Vancouver. At this location, three new towers are bein... [more]

In the community of Serris east of Paris, large areas had to be sealed for a major shopping centre with an extensive parking lot and other industrial ... [more]

The Rodoanel Norte is the fourth part of the Rodoanel Mario Covas around São Paulo and the last one to be completed. The 177 km long road, which is al... [more]

Recently, a new childcare facility was built in a residential area in the town of Savigny-sur-Orge south of Paris, France. A large new building was co... [more]

With approximately 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the country’s most important eco... [more]

The Queensferry Crossing Bridge in Scotland is due to open by the end of August 2017. The 2.7 km long bridge will accommodate the M 90 Motorway on fou... [more]

A huge infrastructural project is currently under construction in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. The SAA (Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere) project will... [more]

In Yangon, Myanmar’s industrial centre in the south of the country, demand for office space is continuously rising. One of the projects that are... [more]

The Itarema Complex in the federal state of Ceará in northeastern Brazil consists of several wind parks. In total, 69 new wind towers consisting of pr... [more]

Liverpool Football Club has expanded the Main Stand on Anfield Road to increase the seat capacity to 54,000. Work had continued all through the footba... [more]

In the historical district of Alfama in Lisbon, a new five-star hotel belonging to the Hotusa Hotels Group is being built. The new 91 room Eurostars H... [more]

The town of Boulogne-Billancourt that borders on the 16th district southwest of Paris is located close to the Seine River. Until recently, there was n... [more]

The Kuningan Intersection in Jakarta, Indonesia, is an important traffic hub that connects different business districts with several embassies and the... [more]

The 46 level high Clearpoint Tower will be the tallest vertical garden in Asia. The building is being constructed in the Colombo district of Rajagiriy... [more]

Traveling around the mountainous region of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India has always been difficult. In order to considerably shorten travel time... [more]

With an operating capacity of 2.1 million m³ of wastewater per day, the Achères treatment plant in northwestern Paris collects approximately 80 %... [more]

The Augsburg City project is the largest urban development to have been undertaken within the last decades in Augsburg, Germany. The redevelopment of ... [more]

The Pearl is a 400 ha artificial island located 330 m from Qatar’s east coast and approximately 11 km northeast of the centre of Doha. The islan... [more]

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