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Name: Roberto Gentile

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Participation in the following structures & large-scale projects:

structural engineer



  1. Del Vecchio, Ciro / Gentile, Roberto / Di Ludovico, Marco / Uva, Giuseppina / Pampanin, Stefano: Implementation and Validation of the Simple Lateral Mechanism Analysis (SLaMA) for the Seismic Performance Assessment of a Damaged Case Study Building. In: Journal of Earthquake Engineering, pp. 1-32.

  2. Gentile, Carmelo / Gentile, Roberto (2015): Il collaudo del viadotto Lambro. In: Strade e Autostrade, v. 19, n. 112 (July 2015), pp. 60-66.
  3. Gentile, Roberto / Pampanin, Stefano / Raffaele, Domenico / Uva, Giuseppina (2019): Analytical seismic assessment of RC dual wall/frame systems using SLaMA: Proposal and validation. In: Engineering Structures, v. 188 (June 2019), pp. 493-505.

  4. Gentile, Carmelo / Gentile, Roberto (2010): Construction Phases and Reception Tests of the New Cable-Stayed Bridge over the Adda River (Northern Italy). Presented at: IABSE Symposium, Large Structures and Infrastructures for Environmentally Constrained and Urbanised Areas, Venice, 22-24 September 2010, pp. 728.
  5. Gentile, Carmelo / De Chiara, Laura Maria / Longoni, Claudia Ilaria / Gentile, Roberto (2008): L'attraversamento pedonale del fiume Serio. In: Strade e Autostrade, v. 12, n. 71 (September 2008), pp. 84.
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