Othmar Ammann

Swiss-American engineer and designer of the largest bridges of the city of New York.

Biographical Information

Name: Othmar Ammann
Full name: Othmar Hermann Ammann
Born on 26 March 1879 in , Zurich, Switzerland, Europe
Deceased on 22 September 1965 in , Westchester County, New York, USA, North America
Student of
Place(s) of activity:
1898 - 1902

Studies at the Federal Technological Institue in Zurich (Switzerland) under Wilhelm Ritter and others.


Immigrates to the United States, works for Joseph Meyer, New York


Assistant to the chief engineer of Pennsylvania Steel Co., cooperates on the design of the Queensboro Bridge, New York

1909 - 1912

Works for F.C. Kunz and C.C. Schneider in Philadelphia


Works for Gustav Lindenthal and helps with the construction of the Hell Gate Bridge, and the Sciotoville Bridge, designs the George Washington Bridge

1925 - 1939

Director of Engineering at the Port of New York Authority


Honorary Doctorate, New York University


Chief engineer for the Triborough Bridge Authority under whose guidance are built: Triborough Bridge, Henry Hudson Bridge and Marine Parkway Bridge


Honorary Doctorate, Pennsylvania Military Academy


Opens his own engineering office


Honorary Doctorate, Columbia University


Teams up with Charles S. Whitney to form Ammann and Whitney

Structures and Projects

Participation in the following structures & large-scale projects:

assistant to chief engineer
bridge engineer
chief engineer
consulting engineer
design consultant
senior partner



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