Structurae's literature database contains articles from over 350 periodicals, mostly journals, that deal with the subjects of civil, bridge and structural engineering, architecture, or construction in general. However, not all articles have been indexed for all journals yet.

Journals with the most Articles

The following table lists the ten journals with the most articles catalogued in the literature database.

# Title Articles
1 Travaux 8955
2 Stahlbau 5647
3 Bautechnik 5371
4 Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 3980
5 Detail - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail 2447
6 La Technique des Travaux (Tech. trav.) 2403
7 Bauphysik 1535
8 Acier = Stahl = Steel 1465
9 Strade e Autostrade 1349
10 Ossature métallique 1308

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