Viaducto de los Peares, sobre el río Sil


Medium: journal article
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Published in: Hormigón y acero, , n. 195, v. 46
Page(s): 133-140

"Los Peares" viaduct, over the Sil river

The modernisation of the national road CN-120, from Vigo to Logroño, between Orense and Monforte de Lemos, has required the construction of a 250 m length and 64 m heigth viaduct, to cross the sil river, in the point where it flows into the Miño river. The structure, continuous, has wight spans, 26-2 x 31-54-100-54-31-26 m, and twlve meters width. It has a constant 2,25 m depth in the lateral spans, and a parabolic variation in the three central spans, from 2,25 m to 5,50 m, over piers nº 4 and 5. The access spans were built by scaffolding, span by span, and the central spans were built by the cantilevering method, from piers 4 and 5, casting-in-place the segments, with form travelers.

Available from: ACHE - Asociaci�n Espa�ola de Ingenier�a Estructural

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