Prestressed glued laminated timbers: a new structural material suitable to be applied in footbridge topics


Medium: conference paper
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Conference: Footbridge 2005 (Second International Congress), Venezia, 06-08 December 2005
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Abstract: A new structural material made applying a prestressing force to the traditional glued laminated timbers is here presented. The consequent technology, applied to the field of the civil engineering, permits to build slender and aesthetic structures, which are particularly suitable to place in urban and protected areas. In footbridge topic, it allows to realize long span structures that may be compared with the ones made to the most modern steel technologies, such as cable-stayed or cable suspension footbridges. The improved structural performance obtained by the proposed technology is principally due to the following possibilities: i) to form the cross-sections of the glued laminated timbers with lumbers of different species and/or grades, laid in different positions; ii) to place the prestressing reinforcements, single wires or strands, straight or with arbitrary curved alignments on the inner side of the structural elements; iii) to combine it with different structural materials such as steel ropes and cables, aluminium alloy, high strength concrete, fiber reinforced polymers and so on; iv) to compare the partial loss of prestress at each loading stage with that of traditional prestressed concrete; v) to made structures with a high value of damping factor (ΞΎ > 0.1). The only present restriction in geometric shapes concerns the road transport from the industry to the final destination. The numerous chances of this new structural material in the field of civil engineering are well pointed out by a 50.00 meter long span urban footbridge example.
Keywords: footbridge, glulam, prestress, new materials

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