Long-span Steel Truss Arch Bridge Construction and Innovation


Medium: conference paper
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Conference: Structural Engineering: Providing Solutions to Global Challenges, IABSE Conference Geneva, September 2015
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Page(s): 2086-2092

The new bridge under construction in Zhuhai, China, is a dominant project of Jinding-Gaolan road, which is the vital communication line throughout Zhuhai. The superstructure of main bridge is 100m + 400m + 100m steel truss tied-arch bridge. The bridge is assembled symmetrically from side span to middle span. Except for 1# segment and 2# segment of side span assembled by truck crane, all the other truss segments are assembled by 80t girder erection crane using cantilever erection method. Cable-stayed system is adopted to help mid-span arch erection and ensure safety during the whole process. After arch closure, rigid tie bar segments of mid-span can be erected by deck derrick crane. Instead of temporary flexibility tie bar, temporary locked bearing has been invented to resistant horizontal force at arch springer during rigid tie bar construction, so as to satisfy navigation requirement of first grade waterway at worksite.

Keywords: tied arch bridge, cantilever erection

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