Footbridge Design as an Act of Inexperience

Medium: conference paper
Language(s): en 
Conference: Footbridge 2017 Berlin - Tell A Story, 6-8.9.2017, Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)
Published in:
Year: 2017
DOI: 10.24904/footbridge2017.09507
Abstract: There are many challenges in the field of structural engineering that young graduates have to deal with at the start of their careers. Those are usually associated with the gap between academic courses and current industrial practices, stressful environment, lack of creativity or ability to work effectively in a team, using advanced computer software and so on. From personal experience and by talking to other young engineers, I have noticed that there is a great need for discussing these potential issues. This paper aims to sparkle a debate about inexperience. It presents young engineers who are taking their first steps into practical engineering, their concerns and challenges. The second part gives an example of a footbridge design which I had to make coming straight from college.
Keywords: aesthetics, steel, vibrations, young structural engineers, inexperience, footbridge design


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