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Elastomeric Bearings [SNAC]

All types of elastomeric bearings for use in construction in accordance with the EN 1337 3 code: reinforced, sliding, Neoprene, natural rubber, etc.

SNAC's specific production is applied to elastomeric bearings hooped with or without anti-advancing or sliding devices and spreads their area of utilization, such as slip surfaces or external hoops, as used in bridge structures or in any other structure presenting comparable conditions of support.

The elastomeric bearings are conceived and produced to withstand translation movements in all directions of their support surface and rotational movements around any axis by elastic deformation. They transmit loads from one structural component to another and tolerate movements arising from the design of the structures.

  • Type A: Hooped bearings entirely coated with elastomer and comprising only one steel hoop.
  • Type B: Hooped bearings entirely coated with elastomer and comprising at least two steel hoops.
  • Type C: Hooped bearings with external steel hoops (grooved or enabling fixing). Devices with external hoops are produced on demand.
  • Type D: Type B with a PTFE sheet pasted on the elasomer.
  • Type E: Type C with external hoop vulcanized on the elastomer and a PTFE sheet stuck on the steel.
  • Type F: Unhooped bearings and in-band bearings.

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