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Un método para la determinación del esfuerzo cortante último (Vcᵤ) a partir de la distribución de tensiones tangenciales sobre la cabeza de hormigón comprimido


Medium: journal article
Language(s): es 
Published in: Hormigón y acero, , n. 203, v. 48
Page(s): 17-32

A method for determining the ultimate shear force (Vcu) from the shear stress distribution over the compressed concrete

A method for determining the maximum shear force (Vcu) that any rectangular cross section of reinforced concrete is capable to resist without the support of the shear reinforcement is present. The longitudinal reinforcement is such that the strain distribution law is included in any deformation domain under normal stresses. The parabolic-rectangular behaviour law has been considered for concrete. The steel behaviour is according with the ideal elastoplastic diagram. Only two-dimensional structures loaded in its plane of symmetry have been analyzed. The stresses (an axial force, a bending moment and a shear force) are contained in the vertical plane of symmetry of the section.

Available from: ACHE - Asociación Española de Ingeniería Estructural


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