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Terms and Conditions for the Online Use of the Structurae Service

Structurae is available, inter alia, on domains structurae.net/de, structurae.net, and structurae.net/fr. These terms and conditions apply to online use only. The terms and conditions published here apply at the time that the service is used. Structurae shall not be bound to other divergent terms and conditions unless Structurae has acknowledged such terms and conditions explicitly and in writing, and even if Structurae has not explicitly objected to them.

1. Right to use, type of use

The right to availability of Structurae services shall only exist if Structurae has entered into a corresponding individual commitment expressly concluded in writing to provide the services. The user shall comply with legal requirements while using the service. The user shall be responsible for obtaining information on regulations applicable while using the service.

2. Copyright

The Structurae database and individual content in Structurae are under legal copyright protection. The user shall acknowledge and comply with the appropriate laws. Copyright protection shall be assumed whether or not the respective content bears a specific copyright notice. Individual content from open sources shall not affect the application of protection to the Structurae database as a structured data source.

3. Content and links from third party sources

Structurae provides content such as, but not limited to, information, data, software, messages, and contacts that have been released by third parties. Structurae shall not be held responsible for any content submitted by third parties. No liability shall be entertained for external links.

4. Contracts with third parties

Any contract on the purchase of products or services entered into between the user and a third party shall only involve the user and the third party concerned. A contract with a third party shall not constitute any obligation on the part of Structurae.

5. Use of downloaded content

The user shall only use content downloaded from Structurae for purposes specifically allowed by mandatory law or for purposes expressly approved by Structurae in writing. This includes loading, saving, making available to third parties, and uploading to other storage systems or websites. The user shall indemnify Structurae from third-party claims against Structurae due to the use of downloaded content unless Structurae has given written approval in advance for this specific use of the content.

The user shall not remove any copyright or trademark notices from content.

6. Guarantees

Structurae shall not entertain any guarantees. Structurae shall only grant guarantee rights in contractual obligations as set out by law.

7. Liability

Structurae shall not entertain any liability for damages to users except for the following cases:

  • Injury to life, limb, and health
  • Intent or gross negligence
  • Breach of cardinal obligations according to the contract
  • Faults in guaranteed performance
  • Statutory mandatory liability according to German product liability law or other statutory provisions

Cardinal obligations of the contract are obligations whose fulfillment the user has relied on and may reasonably rely on.

Any claim for damages shall require the fault of Structurae as the cause of the damages.

8. Registration

Structurae reserves the right not to provide content until registration has been successfully concluded.

9. Username and password

The user shall be responsible for safe and secure storage of the user's data and other security measures for any username and password set for, or by, the user.

10. Data privacy

Structurae is subject to the data protection laws applicable in the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany and complies with the corresponding data privacy regulations. Any data collected shall only be stored for the stated purpose. Refer to the Privacy Policy of Structurae.

11. Applicable law and court jurisdiction, waiver

This agreement is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany only. Court jurisdiction shall be in Berlin for commercial customers. Structurae desisting from exercising or asserting claims shall not constitute a waiver on such claims.

12. Severability

Any provision in these General Terms and Conditions that should prove invalid in detail shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, a provision that most closely matches the intended purpose shall apply.

Updated: 08 May 2018