Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH an engineering service provider for non-destructive testing and assembly as well as for corrosion protection and repairs of cable-supported buildings.

Our key clients, operators of power plants and chemical plants, owners and operators of bridges, mainly cable bridges, are from all over the world. What they all have in common is a construction with areas that are difficult to reach or that requires specific maintenance solutions.

Our engineers and technicians design, coordinate and implement projects for and with our clients. We develop customized solutions to solve complicated maintenance problems - quickly, safely and at the highest possible quality.

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH founded in 1997, today employs about 85 salary and freelance workers who have so far been working in over 20 countries.

Structural Assessments

  • Visual assessments
  • Thickness measurements
  • Crack detections
  • Assessments of condition
  • Support of external consultants
  • Destructive methods

Special assemblies

Corrosion protection of steel cables

  • automated wrapping of butyl rubber tapes
  • automated cleaning and lubricating

Repair of cable structures

  • Repair of PE sheathings
  • Exchange of insulators in in-built condition
  • Exchange of cables

ATIS cable robot

References and Selected Works

Structures & Projects

Participation in the following structures and projects:


March 2018

Alpin Technik becomes a subsidiary of DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH.


Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH

Contact Information

Address: Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH
Plautstrasse 80
04179 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)341 / 2257310
Fax: +49 (0)341 / 2257322
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