Advertising on Structurae

Structurae is the only online database dedicated to the works of bridge, civil and structural engineering on an international scale. Engineers from around the world use the website to obtain information about bridges, tunnels, dams, skyscrapers, stadiums and many other types of structures.

Structurae can be used as a marketing platform by engineering and design offices, constractors and builders, manufacturers and suppliers for the construction sector, etc.

From small to larger budgets, Structurae offers advertising and content marketing opportunities for all:

  • Company profiles
    Every company mentioned as a project participant receives a free page on Structurae. However, for a little extra, you can present your company on that dedicated page including logo, contact information, reference projects and more. Prices start at 150 Euros per year. Various profile types are available, please refer to the 2017 Structurae Media Kit for full details and pricing.
  • Product descriptions
    Share the most important details of your products directly on Structurae and use the potential of more than 68,000 structures as reference pages for your products. All for a mere 150 Euros per year and product.
  • Case studies
    Describe in detail how a product or service was applied on a specific project. Each case study is available for a one-time fee of 150 Euros.
  • Banner advertising
    Various banner positions and sizes are available throughout the site. Please refer to the 2017 Structurae Media Kit for full details and pricing.
  • Marketing packages
    Package offers combining some or all of the above services are available, too. Please refer to the 2017 Structurae Media Kit for full details and pricing.

Use Structurae to your company's advantage and promote your services and products on a platform other than your own website. This allows you to direct additional traffic to your company's website, generate additional leads for product sales, or make your company name/brand known to new potential clients and customers.

Structurae is also available as Media Partner for conferences and other events. Please inquire a special offer for your event.

Note: All prices excluding VAT.