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Terms of Use

General Terms of Use for the Online Service Structurae

Structurae (available e.g. via structurae.net or structurae.de) offers users access to its databases and the services associated with those databases. Structurae provides ist services exclusively on the basis of these terms of use. Conditions apply that are published online at the time our services are used. We will not recognise any conditions deviating from these rules, unless we have confirmed them in writing. By using or registering with Structurae you agree explicitly and without any further explanation to these terms of use.

1. Access to Structurae services and additional networks

Structurae grants the user access to ist services. The internet and other networks are independent of Structurae. Structurae is not liable for content received or disseminated through the internet or other networks. Usage of the internet or other networks takes place at the user’s own risk and cost. The user undertakes to comply with any statutory provisions, administrative directives, contractual terms, or standards that apply to his usage. The user shall be responsible for keeping himself informed about current rules that apply to use. Structurae is generally available 24 hours a day. Structurae neither guarantees accessibility nor that specific search results can be obtained by using the Structurae search templates.

2. Content of third parties

Structurae provides, among other things, information, data, software, communications, contact, etc. (termed ‘Content’ in the following) offered and made available by third parties. Structurae is not liable for the Content of third parties. The user is responsible for using, disseminating, utilizing, or processing Content according to applicable statutory provisions, administrative directives, contractual terms, and standards. In particular, the user will comply with existing copyrights. Selection and checking of Content is incumbent exclusively upon the user. Moreover, the user shall be exclusively responsible for keeping himself informed about any rules that apply to use.

3. Legal transactions with third parties and utilisation of services

So far as the user concludes a contract with a third party for the purchase of products or services, the transaction takes place exclusively between the user and the third party. Any objections raised by the user to such transactions can only be raised toward the third party. So far as the user conducts payment over the internet or other networks, he is herewith advised of potential security risks.

4. The user’s Content

So far as the user offers Content through access provided by Structurae in the internet or other networks, he is obligated to comply with any statutory provisions, administrative directives, contractual terms, or standards that apply. In particular, the user must comply with existing copyright. The user shall be responsible for keeping himself informed about all applicable rules. The user is obligated to secure Structurae against any claims by third parties that could be asserted against Structurae due to the infringement of a third party’s rights. The user is furthermore obligated to compensate Structurae for all damage and appropriate expenses incurred by Structurae in connection with such usage by third parties. The user grants Structurae the necessary rights to his Content for disseminating his Content. This legal granting is free of charge and non-transferable and encompasses the right to revision and duplication.


Structurae assumes no guarantee for the accuracy and retrievability of data contained in the database, nor likewise for updates thereof. Moreover, technical inaccuracies and spelling errors not significantly impairing usage of the database content do not justify rights of guarantee. Structurae will, however, endeavor to correct such errors immediately following notification. Exempt from all guarantee are the material existence, suitability, and correctness of public data transmission lines implemented by the user and the user’s own data transmission device. So far as a date or data of the Structurae database contains errors that do not insignificantly impair the usability of the date or data in a manner regarding the content or technical presentation, the provider will correct these errors immediately.

6. Liability

Structurae is liable for intent and gross negligence, for slight negligence but only in the event of violation of duties essential to the contract. The size of claims for compensation is limited to the extent of foreseeable damage. The liability does not extend to damage that the user sustains through loss or misuse of his password, likewise not to data in the database originating from third parties.

7. Copyright

Content distributed through Structurae is proprietary. Any usage is subject to applicable copyright and copyright protection laws. The user commits him- or herself to recognize and comply with these laws. Downloaded and/or printed out search results are only for the private and otherwise own use of the user, or in the case of information brokers, for the own needs of the client. The downloaded and/or printed out data may not be electronically or otherwise disseminated, publicly reproduced, or republished outside the boundaries of private and otherwise own use, and in particular may not be relinquished to third parties, unless prior written permission is granted by Structurae. The user may not remove copyright notations, trademarks, or other legal reservation from accessed data.

8. Registration

If required, the user must register with Structurae to access some Content. Registration itself is free of charge and leads to no obligations for payment.

9. Username and password

It is incumbent upon the user to maintain and monitor storage and use of his password or other security instruments in a secure manner. Structurae is not liable for damage sustained by the user through misuse or loss of the username and password assigned to him.

10. Data protection

The user is herewith informed in accordance with the German Federal Law for Data Protection that Structurae saves his complete address and any other data he provides in a machine-readable form and processes this data mechanically for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Structurae guarantees confidential treatment of the data.

11. Applicable law, place of fulfilment

This agreement is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Purchase Law. The place of fulfillment is Berlin. The court of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement is, so far as admissible, Berlin.

12. Severability clause

Should one of the provisions of these general terms of use be partially or entirely not effective in law or should their legal effect later become void, the validity of the remainder of the general terms of use is not affected. In this event, legal regulations take the place of the ineffective provisions. The same holds should the general terms of use possess possible gaps in regulation.

Updated: 1 May 2015