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Flöha Footbridge Structures

Flöha Footbridge

2010, Germany

Capital Bank's façade with translucent walls Products & Services

Capital Bank's façade with translucent walls

In the new construction of the Capital Bank in Amman, translucent concrete has been used for the first time worldwide as cantilevered façade walls.

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Flood control structure for Niederhafen Products & Services

Flood control structure for Niederhafen

Hamburg’s most famous harbour promenade connects the St. Pauli Landing Bridges with the historical old warehouse district.

Opéra de Paris Structures

Opéra de Paris

1875, France

A 1 Motorway (Italy) Structures

A 1 Motorway (Italy)

1964, Italy

schlaich bergermann partner Companies

schlaich bergermann partner

RESTON®SDD – Spring Disc Dampers Products & Services

RESTON®SDD – Spring Disc Dampers

mageba RESTON®SDD Spring Disc Dampers consist of a steel tube containing a piston and a stack of disc springs. The disc springs deform under pressure from the piston, damping its movement. The system offers excellent reliability and durability.

Passerelle sud de l'Île Seguin Structures

Passerelle sud de l'Île Seguin

2016, France

Albert Canal Structures

Albert Canal

1939, Belgium

John Rennie Persons

John Rennie

Cévennes Line Structures

Cévennes Line

1870, France

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Geel Bridge Structures

Geel Bridge

2013, Belgium

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