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Marschall Bridge Structures

Marschall Bridge

1998, Germany

VIBRAX®PUR – Vibration Isolation Mats Products & Services

VIBRAX®PUR – Vibration Isolation Mats

The VIBRAX®PUR product range is used as an elastic bearing element in various fields of application. Main applications as full-surface mount, strip or discrete bearing include the machinery and construction industries as well as the railway sector. VIBRAX®PUR is an economic solution in the area of structure-borne sound decoupling and vibration isolation thanks to its long-term stability and simple installation.

Schöck Gruppe Companies

Schöck Gruppe

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New chamber for the Moselle River lock near Trier, Germany Products & Services

New chamber for the Moselle River lock near Trier, Germany

From Koblenz in Germany to Neuves-Maisons in France, the navigable part of the Moselle River has a total length of over 390 km. It is the most heavily travelled inland waterway in Germany. Annually, more than 10,000 cargo ships navigate the Moselle; in the summer months, the river is also used by about 5,000 passenger ships.

Parc Olympique lyonnais Structures

Parc Olympique lyonnais

2016, France

François Mitterand Bridge Structures

François Mitterand Bridge

1994, France

schlaich bergermann partner Companies

schlaich bergermann partner

Germany’s largest single-leaf bascule bridge Products & Services

Germany’s largest single-leaf bascule bridge

Between Berne and Elsfleth northwest of Bremen, a new bascule bridge was built over the Hunte River. The bascule bridge replaces a 1951 lift bridge that no longer fulfilled today's technical requirements.

TGV Rhone-Alps Structures

TGV Rhone-Alps

1994, France

Santa Ana Church Structures

Santa Ana Church

1965, Spain

Robert Maillart Persons

Robert Maillart

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