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Mannheim Motorway Bridge Structures

Mannheim Motorway Bridge

2005, Germany

Challenging pylon scaffolding on Willems Bridge Products & Services

Challenging pylon scaffolding on Willems Bridge

The refurbishment of the pylons on Rotterdam's Willems Bridge proved to be a tremendous challenge for installing the scaffolding. All scaffolding and painting work had to be carried out without any major negative impact on the flow of traffic in the city.

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POLYFLEX®SLIM-PU – Expansion joint for building application Products & Services

POLYFLEX®SLIM-PU – Expansion joint for building application

POLYFLEX®SLIM PU represents a reliable alternative when it comes to the requirement of flexible and watertight passages. An optimal water tightness is already guaranteed at a material thickness of 40 mm only. Particularly characterizing is its slim design. The joint hence does not require any cover plate.

Cambridge Mosque Structures

Cambridge Mosque

2019, United Kingdom

Eau Rouge Viaduct Structures

Eau Rouge Viaduct

1993, Belgium

Bekaert GmbH Companies

Bekaert GmbH

Africa Rocks – Products & Services

Africa Rocks – "natural" habitats at San Diego Zoo

Visitors to San Diego Zoo can experience the biodiversity of Africa in a completely new way – like going on a safari on foot. This is not a place where animals spend their lives in grey concrete landscapes behind metal bars: the new complex has different landscapes. The barrier-free view of the animals gives visitors the feeling that they are in the genuine habitat cleverly copied from its natural counterpart. This is all made possible by a barely perceptible delicate mesh construction which is the only separation between man and animal.

Elben Viaduct Structures

Elben Viaduct

2005, Germany

Itztalbrücke Structures


2007, Germany


Henry Bardsley

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