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Mintard Viaduct Structures

Mintard Viaduct

1966, Germany

Louisiana DOTD Designs and Builds New I-10 Twin Span Bridge in a Challenging Environment Products & Services

Louisiana DOTD Designs and Builds New I-10 Twin Span Bridge in a Challenging Environment

Teupe & Söhne Gerüstbau GmbH Companies

Teupe & Söhne Gerüstbau GmbH

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Emirates Air Line (London Cable Car) Products & Services

Emirates Air Line (London Cable Car)

Case study about the use of LUSAS software for the engineering review of this first urban cable-car in the United Kingdom.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Structures

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

1998, Japan

Pont de la Corniche Structures

Pont de la Corniche

1994, France

DYWIDAG-Systems International Companies

DYWIDAG-Systems International

West Gate Bridge Upgrade Products & Services

West Gate Bridge Upgrade

Normandy Bridge Structures

Normandy Bridge

1995, France

Paul Amann Footbridge Structures

Paul Amann Footbridge

2010, Austria

Gustave Eiffel Persons

Gustave Eiffel

Structurae – Database for Civil and Structural Engineering

Since 1998 Structurae has been providing bridge, civil and structural engineers with information on the design and construction of construction projects from around the world including profiles on the companies and individuals involved as well as product descriptions. By now the site has grown into a unique information network and research tool for practising engineers and students majoring in civil and structural engineering but also for architects and other professionals in the construction industry.