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    For over 63,000 structures from around the world Structurae offers structural, technological, architectural, historic and social information along with over 175,000 images. Search e.g. for bridges, tunnels, dams, skyscrapers as well the engineers and companies involved or products used in their design or construction.

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International directory of engineering and design offices, contractors, manufacturers in the construction sector.

Products & Services

Our directory of products and services for use in the construction of bridges, buildings, tunnels, etc. from prestressing systems to façade elements. Includes technical descriptions as well as reports on successful applications.
Products & Services


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Biographies of individual engineers, architects, builders and other participants involved in the projects described in Structurae

Structurae – Database for Civil and Structural Engineering

Since 1998 Structurae has been providing bridge, civil and structural engineers with information on the design and construction of construction projects from around the world including profiles on the companies and individuals involved as well as product descriptions. By now the site has grown into a unique information network and research tool for practising engineers and students majoring in civil and structural engineering but also for architects and other professionals in the construction industry.

Database and Gallery of Structures and Large-Scale Projects

With more than 60,000 projects listed from around the world Structurae has one of the largest project database specifically for works of bridge, civil and structural engineering. Aside from typical engineering structures like bridges and viaducts, dams, towers and masts, underground structures including tunnels as well as offshore and marine structures, the database also contains structurally important and complex buildings and works of architecture such as skyscrapers, stadiums, railway stations, etc. The collection of projects covers all kinds of materials used in construction like iron and steel, wood, membranes, glass or concrete with or without reinforcing or prestressing as well as stone and brick masonry structures. New materials like carbon fibres and composite materials consisting of several of the aforementioned are of course also included. The historical aspect is also considered as the database not only includes current projects but also structures and monuments built in the past as their maintenance and continued use is an important aspect of contemporary engineering. Wherever possible technical data is made available for each structure as well as information on companies and individuals involved in design or construction; print and on-line references are listed as references and sources for more detailed information.

Listing of Companies and Engineering Offices in the Construction Sector

Structurae is an ideal platform for companies in the construction sector from around the globe to present and market themselves and their products. Engineering consultancies, contractors, manufacturers of construction materials and products, developers of structural analysis or CAD software but also architecture practices and other design firms are listed. Thus Structurae is a unique communications platform for industry experts and leaders for the construction sector. Structurae also makes it possible for companies to display their reference projects and their exact manner of participation in them to other experts in the field.

Products and Services for the Construction Sector

Through the product and services listing available on Structurae, companies and consultants can describe in detail which products and service they they offer. Both purely technical product descriptions are available but also case studies explaining the succesful application of individual products on a specific project or type of structure that illustrate in a very practical manner how e.g. software, bearings or prestressing systems are applied.

Biographies for Engineers, Builders and Architects

Aside from the companies involved, Structurae also includes biographies of bridge, civil and structural engineers, master builders and architects who are presently active or were in the past. Important known and historic names such as Gustave Eiffel, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thomas Telford or Robert Maillart can be found but also lesser known individuals from around the world who contributed as engineers, designers, builders or architects to one of the projects.

Geographic Guide to Civil/Structural Engineering

The project database of Structurae currently contains structures on every continent of the world – including Antarctica – and which can also be found via geographic browsing. This geographic guide also includes the office locations of the listed companies and firms as well as where engineers, builders and architects were born or died. If the geographic coordinates are known, the structures are shown on interactive maps of the various cities and towns available in every country.

Database of Expert Literature in Construction

Aside from the literature published by John Wiley & Sons and Ernst & Sohn to which Structurae belongs since 2012, Structurae's literature database also includes bibliographic data and abstracts to journal articles, books and other media from a wide number of other publishers and many different languages. Wherever these offer additional information for structures, companies or persons that information is interlinked across the website.