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Washburn Tunnel

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General Information

Completion: 1950
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Tunnel
Function / usage: Road tunnel
Construction method: Immersed tube method

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA
Address: Federal Road
Underneath of:
  • Houston shipping channel
Coordinates: 29° 43' 50.10" N    95° 12' 42.94" W
Coordinates: 29° 43' 19.60" N    95° 12' 42.53" W

Technical Information


length 1 155 m
number of lanes 2


cost of construction United States dollar 7 683 915


tunnel structure steel


Constructed as follows:

  1. A 27.4m by 12.2M trench dug;
  2. Prefabricated steel tube sections, barged from remote fabricator, sunk into trench;
  3. Sections welded together 26 meters underwater;
  4. Sections lined with Concrete and water pumped out;
  5. Ventilation and lighting installed;
  6. Paving and tiling done.



Structural engineering

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