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Tarbela Dam

General Information

Structural Type: Earth- and rockfill dam
Function / usage: Hydroelectricity plant
Irrigation & industrial water dam
Built: 1968 - 1977
Status: in use

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Pakistan, Asia
  • Indus River

Technical Information


height 143.26 m
crest length 2 743.2 m
capacity for electric power generation 3 478 MW
dam volume 106 000 000 m³



The World Bank gives approval to the construction of the dam.


Construction begins.

July 1974

First test filling is started, but at a water level of 1462 feet, serious problems occur in all four tunnels so that the reservoir is depleted again.


Final completion of the dam after the rectification of the problems that occurred in 1974. Power units 1 through 4 are installed to eventually provide 700 MW of power.


Normal operation of the reservoir begins.


Power units 5 through 8 are added, with another 700 MW in power generation capacity.


Units 9 and 10 add another 350 MW to the power generation capacity.

- 1993

Installation of power units 11 through 14 with an additional capacity of 1 728 MW.

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Internal Information
Structure-ID: s0003769
Created: 22/06/2002
Last Updated: 29/07/2014