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Sydney Opera House

Sydney - Opera House(photographer: Enoch Lau)

General Information

Structural Type: Double thin shell
Function / usage: Opera house
Built: 1958 - 1973
Status: in use

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Australia and Oceania
Coordinates: 33° 51' 25.00" S    151° 12' 55.00" E

Technical Information


shell prestressed concrete


An international competition for the design of the Opera House, won by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, was held in 1955 and work started in 1959. After many disagreements with the Department of Public Works of New South Wales, Utzon resigned from the project in 1966 at the mid-point of construction. The architectural duties passed to Peter Hall, E. H. Farmer, Lionel Todd and David Littlemore. Very sever cost overruns were apparent from th earliest stages of construction and the additional expenditure was alleviated by a series of public lotteries.


Concept design
Stage engineering
Water proofing

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Internal Information
Structure-ID: 20000073
Created: 28/10/1998
Last Updated: 28/07/2014