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Krk Bridges

Krk Bridges
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General Information

Beginning of works: 1976
Completion: 19 July 1980
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Arch bridge
Function / usage: Road bridge
Construction method: Cantilever construction using temporary cable-stays
Material: Reinforced concrete bridge

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Krk, Croatia
Coordinates: 45° 14' 37.51" N    14° 33' 54.62" E
Coordinates: 45° 14' 50.03" N    14° 34' 15.61" E

Technical Information


rise 67 m
total length 1 430 m
bridge I main span 390 m
bridge II main span 244 m


concrete volume 20 500 m³
prestressing steel 130 t
reinforcing steel 4 500 t

Design Loads

wind resistant to 142 km/h


arches reinforced concrete


In order to keep the arch springings outside the water, the design extends the structure below water level with struts creating a theoretical span length of 416 meters for the longer span. To counteract creep and shrinkage effects, the arch was raised using jacks by 63 mm after two years of service and by an additional 93 mm after another year. The jacks were then encased in concrete.


Main contractor

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