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Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge

General Information

Structural Type: Suspension bridge with diagonal hangers
Function / usage: Motorway bridge / freeway bridge
Built: 1972 - 1981
Status: in use

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom, Europe
  • Humber River

Technical Information


main span 1 410 m
total length 2 220 m
span lengths 280 m - 1410 m - 530 m
cables number of cables 2
strands per cable 37
wires per strand 404
weight 11 000 t
wire diameter 5 mm
on-axis distance between cables at top of towers 22.200 m
deck width 28.500 m
deck depth 4.500 m
number of lanes 2 x 2
roadway / carriageway width 2 x 7.300 m
sidewalk width 2 x 3.000 m
suspenders wire diameter 62 mm
towers height 155.50 m


concrete weight 480 000 t


cables steel wire
deck steel
suspenders steel wire
towers reinforced concrete



Passing of the Humber Bridge Act

July 1972

Work begins on the south approaches

March 1973

Work begins on the substructure

April 1973

Work begins on the superstructure

May 1974

North tower completed

July 1976

Completion of south tower

September 1977
- July 1979

Cable spinning

October 1979

First box section of the superstructure is erected

July 1980

Closing of the superstructure

24 June 1981

First traffic passes over the bridge

17 July 1981

Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II


Installation of a dehumidification system for the cable saddles and the main girder.


The cable carrying the shorter side span has 800 more wires than the rest of the bridge.

Humber Bridge Tourist Information Centre
North Bank Viewing Area, Ferriby Road, Hessle HU13 OLN.
Tel: (01482) 640 852


Resident engineering
Initial construction (1972-1981)
Installation of dehumidification system
Consulting engineers
Parapet replacement
Wind tunnel testing

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Internal Information
Structure-ID: 20000290
Created: 21/05/1999
Last Updated: 29/07/2014