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Egyptian Bridge

Egyptian Bridge

General Information

Structural Type: Suspension bridge
Function / usage: Road bridge
Other name(s): Egypetskiy most
Built: 1825 - 1826
Status: destroyed (1905)

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia, Europe
  • Fontanka River

Technical Information


main span 54.86 m
sag 5.49 m
sag:span 1:10
deck deck width 10.68 m


20 January 1905

A cavalry regiment passes the bridge. One suspension cable breaks and the bridge collapses. Among the 60 people propelled into the river none have fatal injuries, although several horses perish.


The remains of the bridge are dismantled.



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Internal Information
Structure-ID: 20005717
Created: 01/10/2002
Last Updated: 31/07/2014