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Rio-Antirrio Bridge

Rion-Antirion Bridge

General Information

Structural Type: Multiple-span cable-stayed bridge
Function / usage: Motorway bridge / freeway bridge
Other name(s): Harilaos Trikoupis Bridge
Built: 1999 - 2004
Status: in use

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Rion, Achaea, West Greece, Greece, Europe
Antirion, Aitolia-Acarnania, West Greece, Greece, Europe
Coordinates: 38° 19' 1.00" N    21° 46' 31.00" E

Technical Information


total length 2 880.400 m
deck deck depth 2.82 m
deck width 27.20 m
girder depth 2.75 m
main bridge main span 560 m
span lengths 286 m - 3 x 560 m - 286 m
pylons pylon height (above deck) 113.00 m
main bridge
length 2 252 m


cost of construction Euro 630 000 000


deck composite steel-reinforced concrete
piers reinforced concrete



Harilaos Trikoupis, then prime minister of Greece, is among the first to imagine a link at this location.

21 May 2004

The last piece of the deck is mounted.

Night of 7 August 2004
- 8 August 2004

In a grand ceremony including major fireworks, the bridge is officially inaugurated.

8 August 2004

Irina Szewinska from Poland and winner at the olympic games in Montreal and Mexico, Otto Rehagel, coach of the Greek soccer team that won the Euro 2004 championship, and Stratos Apostolakis, coach of the Greek Olympic soccer team, carry the Olympic flame across the bridge on its way to Athens for the Summer Olympics.

12 August 2004

The bridge is opened to traffic.


Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (ASCE)

28 January 2005

One of the cables catches fire, possibly after being hit by lightning. The bridge is closed to traffic indefinitely in order to assess the damage.

1 February 2005

The bridge is re-opened to traffic, though use is limited to a single lane until the damage to the cable-stay has been repaired.


Outstanding Structure Award (IABSE)


Outstanding Concrete Structure Award (FIB)


Concessionaire Gefyra and contractor Kinopraxia are composed of:

  • Vinci (53%)
  • J&P Hellas (11,2%)
  • TEV (7,74%)
  • Helleniki Technodomiki (7,74%)
  • Athena (7,74%)
  • Proodeftiki (7,74%)
  • Sarandopoulos (7,74%)


  • Greek Government: 43%
  • European Investment Bank: 47%
  • Stock holder capital: 10%
Expected traffic: 11 000 vehicles/day

Duration of construction: 5 years
Length of the concession: 42 years

The bridge is designed to withstand earthquakes of 7.5 on the Richter scale.


Wind analysis
Structural engineering
Seismic engineering
Consulting engineers
Construction engineers
Checking engineering
Steel construction
Stay cables
Monitoring equipment
Construction supervision
Barges for launching of prefabricated elements

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Internal Information
Structure-ID: s0001110
Created: 19/10/2000
Last Updated: 23/03/2014