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Victoria Bridge

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General Information

Structural Type: Tubular bridge
Function / usage: Railroad (railway) bridge
Other name(s): Pont Victoria
Built: 1854 - 1859
Status: partially demolished

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Montreal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, North America
  • Saint Lawrence
Replaced by Jubilee Bridge (1898)

Technical Information


main span 100 m
total length 2 009 m
number of tracks 1
abutments width 8.53 m
height 13.19 m
embankment 1 length 365.76 m
embankment 2 length 243.84 m
pier shafts width 4.88 m
depth 10.06 m
piers dimensions at base 4.88 m x 28.04 m


piers stone
girder wrought iron
abutments stone


April 1854

Start of construction.


Only three piers are built.

- 1858

With the introduction of steam-powered machinery by Benjamin Chaffey, Canadian contractor, both abutments, 20 piers and 12 tubes are erected.

January 1858

The centre tube is erected off the ice.


The last pier and the remaining 12 tubes are erected.

12 December 1859

The first freight train passes through the tubular bridge.

25 August 1860

Official opening by the Prince of Wales.


The tubular superstructure is replaced by a double-track bridge.


The bridge of more than 2 km in length consists of 24 wrought iron tubes supported by 24 heavy cut stone masonry piers and two abutments. Two earthen embankments at either ends serve as approaches.


General contractor

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Internal Information
Structure-ID: s0002276
Created: 11/11/2001
Last Updated: 07/10/2013