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Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi – Béziers Canal Bridge

General Information

Function / usage: Canal
Other name(s): Canal des Deux-Mers
Built: 1660 - 1681
Status: in use

Geographic Information & Related Structures

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Technical Information


total length 240 km


cost of construction Pounds 5 000 000


18 January 1663

Royal Council decides on the creation of an expert commission that includes:

  • H. Bourtheroüe de Bourgneuf, seigneur du canal de Briare
  • Louis Nicolas de Clerville, Commissioner General of Fortifications in France

5 October 1666

Royal edict orders the construction of the canal.


New call for tenders for the construction of the port of Sète.


Construction of the Repudre Canal Bridge.
End of construction of the canal between Bézier and the Thau estuary.

1 October 1680

Pierre-Paul Riquet dies.


Canal is refilled with water.

- 1852

The Garonne Lateral Canal prolongs the canal beyond Toulouse.


Canal is bought by the French Republic from the heirs of Pierre-Paul Riquet.

7 December 1996

Added to the World Cultural Heritage sites of UNESCO.

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Internal Information
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Created: 23/01/2002
Last Updated: 09/11/2014