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Britannia Bridge

Britannia Bridge
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General Information

Completion: 5 March 1850
Status: destroyed (23 May 1970)

Project Type

Structure: Tubular bridge
Function / usage: Railroad (railway) bridge
Material: Iron bridge

Geographic Information & Related Structures

Location: Bangor, Gwynned, Wales, United Kingdom
Address: A 55
  • Menai Straits
Next to: Menai Straits Bridge (1826)
Replaced by: Britannia Bridge (1972)

Technical Information


length of side spans 70 m
total length 432 m
main spans (2x) 146 m


piers stone
girder wrought iron


May 1970

A fire severely damages the metal superstructure which is subsequently demolished.


The bridge was originally designed to be a suspension bridge where cables would have supported the tubes and passed through the holes in the pylon tops. The tubes turned out to be stiff enough and the cables were left out. The bridge was considerably damaged by fire in 1970 and has since be rebuilt as an arch bridge, although the original piers remain intact. It now carries the A55 expressway in addition to the main railway line from London to Holyhead ferry port as previously.


(role unknown)

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