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Creating and Renewing Urban Structures – Tall Buildings, Bridges and Infrastructure

17th Congress Report of IABSE - Chicago 2008

Medium: conference proceedings
Language(s): en 
ISBN-10: 3857481188
ISBN-13: 978-3-85748-118-5
Publisher: IABSE
Published in: Switzerland
Conference: 17th IABSE Congress, Creating and Renewing Urban Structures – Tall Buildings, Bridges and Infrastructure, Chicago, September 17-19, 2008
Page(s): 634 + CD-ROM
Year: 2008
Series: IABSE Congress Reports (No. 17)
Cover: soft-cover (paper binding)


Author(s) Title Page(s)
Abdelrazaq, Ahmad Brief on the Construction Planning of the Burj Dubai Project, Dubai, UAE
Abdelrazaq, Ahmad Structural Engineering for Gehry's Curves at Millennium Park, Chicago, USA
Adriaenssens, Sigrid Piston Stayed Bascule Bridge: a Novel Mobile Bridge Typology at Temse, Belgium
Adriaenssens, Sigrid Upgrading Mainland Europe's Oldest Suspension Bridge
Aigner, Erich Recent Innovations for Enhancing Durability of Post Tensioning Systems in the USA
Ailland, Karin Construction Process Simulation Based on Significant Day-to-day Data
Alarcon, Arantzazu Design Challenges for the Tallest Tower in Madrid
An, Lin Investigation of Grouting Voids of A Post-tensioned Prestressing Concrete Bridges by X-ray Penetration Method
Anania, Laura Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Real Temporary Structures Useful for Incremental Launching Bridge Construction
Anastasopoulos, Ioannis Development of Earthquake Crisis Management Strategic Plan
Aydemir, Murat North Avenue Bridge Reconstruction Over Chicago River
Azarnejad, Azita Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Quesnell Bridge, Edmonton, Canada
Baker, Clyde Innovative Foundation Design at Complex Urban Sites
Baker, William 555m Tall Lotte Super Tower, Seoul, South Korea
Baker, William The Structural Design of The World's Tallest Structure: The Burj Dubai Tower
Baker, William Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago
Baochun, Chen Trial Design on Concrete Arch Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs
Battista, Ronaldo Multiple Controllers of Wind-induced Oscillations of a Long Span Bridge
Baumann, Hanns How a Team of Researchers, Engineers and Contractors Advanced Tall Concrete Building Construction Technology
Bazant, Zdenek Size Effect: What is Its Rationale and Penalty for Neglect?
Berger, Andrzej Warta River Crossing 130 m of Ready Construction per Week with a Crowing Achievement - Extradosed Bridge
Biondini, Fabio Some Aspects of the Life-Cycle Reliability of the Twin Cable-Stayed Bridges
Birrcher, David Strut-and-Tie Models of Deep Beams with Openings
The Importance of Detailing and Spreading Reinforcement
Blakemore, Frank Replacement of the US 90 Bridge across St. Louis Bay
Bleicher, Achim Active Vibration Control with Artificial Pneumatic Muscles for Carbon Fibre Stress-Ribbon Bridge
Bob, Corneliu Reinforced Concrete Precast Structures with Rigid Connections
Bögle, Annette Creative Designing - Teaching the Impossible?!
Braml, Thomas Structural Reliability Assessment for Existing Composite Bridges Without Design Documents
Cao, Yinghong Ship Collision Protection Device for Zhanjiang Bay Bridge
Cao Hoang, Linh The Crack Sliding Model - Unified Approach to Shear and Punching Shear
Casas, Joan R. Upgrading Existing Railway Bridges in Europe for Higher Speeds and Loads
Assessment Procedures and Requirements
Cassity, Patrick The kcICON Bridge - A Landmark for Kansas City, Missouri
Cassity, Patrick US 20 Arch over the Mississippi River
Cassity, Patrick US 90 Bridge Over Biloxi Bay - A Design-Build Solution to Katrina Recovery
Chavel, Brandon Erection Engineering Considerations for Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridges
Christian, Sarah Mechanical Properties of Biocomposites for Sustainable Construction Practices
Chung, Wonseok Dynamic Amplification Factors of Urban Maglev Guideway
Corrado, Virginia Dynamic Response of Water Networks in Seismic Areas
Cosmin Daescu, Alexandru Ductility Increasing For Concrete Columns
Experimental Results
Coughlin, Andrew Design of Blast Resistant Long-Carbon Fiber Concrete Walls
Cremona, Christian New trends and new models for analysing dynamic interactions
Dakov, Dimitar Steel Structure with Textile Membranes for Renovation of an Existing Built-up Area
Dan, Sorin Modern Solutions for Strengthening of Structural Elements
Darden, Winn Preservation of Structures
Fluoropolymer Coatings for Tall Buildings, Bridges, and Infrastructure
David Gómez, Juan Target Proof Load Determination for Bridge Capacity Assesment
De Backer, Hans Autonomous Systems for Strain and Vibration Measurements
De Matteis, Daniel The New Pinel Bridge in Rouen (France)
Ding, Yang Experiment on Seismic Behaviour of Damaged Cable-stayed Crossing Structure
Djorai, Boyke Reduction of the Lifetime Expectancy of Bridges and Viaducts as a Result of Increased Truck Traffic
Domaingo, Andreas Wind and Extremely Long Bridges - A Challenge for Computer Aided Design
Duan, Xuewei Design & Construction of WanZhou Yangtze River Railway Bridge
Duntemann, John Failures Resulting from Inadequate Design-Construction Interface
Dutoit, Daniel 150 Km of U Shape Prestressed Concrete Decks for LRT Viaducts
Eckhardt, Christian Un Unique Transparent Structure for the New Footbridge Across a Moat in Darmstadt, Germany
Erjun, Wu Technical Code for Building Monolithic Moving Engineering of China
Fadon, Santiago P. Widening and Rehabilitation of Some Bridges in Indiana Toll Road
Fargier-Gabaldon, Luis Rehabilitation of a Viaduct Subjected to a Landslide Thrust
Fernandez, Salvador The Magic Box
Multifunctional Sports Centre by Manzanares River in Madrid
Frangi, Andrea Fire Safety Concept for Tall Timber Buildings
Fuchs, Maximilian Damage Caused by Accidental Loads - Assessing of Damaged Reinforced Concrete
Furrer, Martin Strengthening of the I-39 Bridges Over the Kishwaukee River
Gabbai, Rene Structural Design of High-Rise Buildings for Windloads
Gardner, Anne Developing Teamwork and Other Professional Skills While Teaching Reinforced Concrete Design
Geier, Roman Some Recent Austrian Activities in Structural Monitoring
Gerhaher, Ulrich Design and Development of Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings
Gerold, Matthias Sustainability of Timber Bridges - The Magic Triangle
Directional drawings - Maintenance Costs - Lifetime
Gläser, Christian Behaviour of Tendons for Cryogenic Applications
Gläser, Christian Tests and Inspection for German Bridges with Stay Cables Using Prestressing Strands According to Fib-recommendation
Gómez Navarro, Miguel Comparison of the Structures for Two High-Rise Buildings in Madrid
Griesing, Keith Design of Heavy Movable Structures using Advanced Modeling and Visualizations
Haese, Andreas Point-fixed Glazing - New Glass Drilling Methods
Hague, Steven The New Main Street Bridge, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Hajjar, Jerome Controlled Rocking of Steel Framed Buildings as a Sustainable New Technology for Seismic Resistance in Buildings
Halvorson, Robert Abu Dhabi's Central Market Redevelopment
Hampshire Santos, Sergio Reliability Analysis of Concrete Structures Considering Different Hazard Curves for Western and Eastern United States
Harada, Yukihiro Cyclic Behavior of Unstiffened Double Split-Tee Beam-to-Column Connection
Head, Peter Engineering for Climate Change
The adaptation challenge and the role for engineers
Hegger, Josef Punching Behavior of Compact Slabs
Hegger, Josef Shear Capacity of Hollow Core Slabs in Slim-Floor-Constructions
Hertle, Robert Building Facility Development
The Renewal of a Car Plant Without Interfering the Production
Hertlein, Bernard H. Increasing Loads on Existing Foundations
Hildebrand, Maciej Monitoring System for a Cable-Stayed Bridge in Plock
Hojo, Tetsuo Durability of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Member
Huang, Chengkui Study on Application of Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Stressing Concrete in Transforming Old Simply Supported Bridges into Continuous System
Hudson, Nancy Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Restoration
Correlating Projected and Actual Movement of Thin Shell Concrete Walls
Hwang, Inho A Damper System for Mitigation of Suspension Bridge Flutter
Ikema, Norikazu Seismic Design of Traditional Wooden Five-Storied Pagoda
Irwin, Peter Practical Experience with Wind-Tunnel Predicted Tall Building Motions
Irwin, Peter Wind Engineering of the 600m Chicago Spire
Janberg, Nicolas The Internet as the Perfect Tool to Document Construction Projects
Janjic, Dorian Bridge Information Modeling - Approach for Improving Safety and Serviceability from the Design Phase Throughout the Life Cycle
Janjic, Dorian Erection Control Analysis - Meeting the Demands of New Construction Techniques
Jauhiainen, Jyrki BIM and Advanced Post-Tensioning Design Methods
Jensen, Jens S. European Guideline for Assessment of Existing Railway Bridges
Jeung Hong, Kee Experiencing More GFRP Composite Bridge Decks for Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridges
Ji, Lin Anti-Slip Test of Main Cable Against Saddle of Three Pylon Suspension Bridge
Jose Arenas, Juan Design and Erection of Two Recent Urban Cable-stayed Bridges in Spain
Jose Arenas, Juan New Conceptual Design for Two Signature Footbridges Recently Built in Spain
Jose Arenas, Juan Third Millennium Bridge over the Ebro River, Zaragoza, Spain
Jun Ge, Yao Probabilistic Criteria for Assessment of Aerodynamic Instability of Long-Span Bridges
Kainz, Andreas Development of a New Slab Structure - Slab with Integrated Installations
Kasper, Thomas Two Examples for the Design of Load Bearing Structures with Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Kendall, Martin Rehabilitation Design of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge Complex
Kim, Insung Use of CFRP to Strengthen Lap Splices of RC Columns
Kim, Sung-Jae An Optimal Design of TMD for the Improvement of Fatigue Reliability of Steel-Composite High-Speed Railway Bridges Using Target Performance Approach
Kite, Steve Stonecutters Bridge - Main Span Erection
Klein, Gary Collapse of Koror Babeldaob Bridge
Knobloch, Markus Vulnerability of Fire Protection and Structural Safety of Tall Buildings
Kobarg, Joerg Optimizing the Design Process of Complex Structures
Kollar, Laszlo Second Order Effects on Building Structures - an Approximate Evaluation
Konishi, Takuyo Inspection and Retrofitting of Fatigue Damaged Orthotropic Steel Deck
Kono, Susumu Hybrid RC Building Structures with Corrugated Steel Shear Panels
Konrad, Matthias Load Capacity and Deformation Behaviour of Headed Studs Used in Trapezoidal Steel Sheetings
Koris, Kálmán Upgrading of a 70 year Old Grandstand
Koru, Burak I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge-Bike Path Deck Panel Investigation, Portland, Oregon, USA
Krieger, Juergen Application of Risk Analysis for performance based Tunnel Design
Kroely, Benoit New York City DOT Bridge Management System
Kroely, Benoitu The 2007 Ravenel River Bridge Inspection
Kwon, Gunup Strengthening Existing Steel Bridge Girders by the Use of Post-Installed Shear Connectors
Kyriakides, Marios A Seismic Retrofit for Masonry Infill Walls Using Ductile Concrete
Larsen, Allan Design Challenges for Hålogalands Bridge
Laufs, Wilfried Top to Bottom' Construction - Arcapita Headquarters at Bahrain Bay
Leblanc, David Rehabilitation of Ferry Docks in Southwestern Ontario
Lee, Jaeho An ANN-Based Backward Prediction Model for Reliable Bridge Management System Implementations Using Limited Inspection Records - Case Studies
Lewis, Jonathan Design and Evaluation of Facade Access Equipment for Tall Buildings
Li, Zhong-Xian Numerical Analysis of Progressive Collapse of RC Frame Under Blast Loading
Liu, Chao Stress Limitation of External Prestressing Tendons in Serviceability Limit State
Loehning, Thomas Problems and Opportunities of Nonlinear RC Frame Analysis
Low, Angus The Design of Steel Sections
Low, Angus Push-launched Bridges with the Prestressing Cables Deflected after the Launch
Magliola, Robert Post Tsunami Reconstruction in Indonesia
Maldonado, Esperanza Seismic Evaluation of Garcia Cadena Bridge (Colombia)
Malerba, Pier Giorgio A Large Span Roof made of Cable Stayed Arches
Maljaars, Johan Structural Design of Aluminium Bridge Decks for Existing Bridges
Marchand, Kirk SEI Pre-Standard and Commentary on Progressive Collapse (Part I)
Risk and Action Determination for Progressive Collapse Events
Marchand, Kirk SEI Pre-Standard and Commentary on Progressive Collapse (Part II)
Prescriptive Approaches to Provide Robustness
Martin, Olivier Gautrain - A Modern Railways Project in an Opening Country
Mathias, Neville The Tianjin Jinta Tower: 74-Story Steel Plate Shear Wall Tower
Matusewitch, Peter Performance-Based Vessel Collision Modeling
Meade, Edmund Structural Evaluation of Four Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings
Meinhardt, Christian Increase of a High Rise Buildings Damping Behaviour by Applying Large Scale Tuned Mass Dampers
Meinheit, Donald Anchorage to Concrete: The Transition from Tabular Load Capacity to Rational Design and Anchor Qualification Procedures to Manage Risk
Merrick, John Dubai Tower Doha
Miguel Atienza, Jose Behavior of Prestressing Steels After Fire
Miller, Bradley Suspension Trail Bridge Using Sustainable Materials
Milton John Spence, Seymour Influence of Higher Modes on the Response of Irregular Tall Buildings
Mireille Abela, Jeanette Short- and Long-term Effects on Upheaval Buckling of Blinding Struts
Moreu, Fernando Young Structural Engineers Building Structures for the Poor
Morgenthal, Guido Construction Engineering for Stonecutters Bridge
Concrete Backspans and Steel Deck Heavy Lift
Moussard, Michel Covering Paris, Ring Road: To Reduce Pollution and Restore Urban Continuity
Musselman, Eric Performance of Concrete Slabs Containing Long Carbon Fibers under Service and Extraordinary Loads
Nagayama, Tomonori The Importance of Dense Monitoring of Long-span Bridges for its Performance Re-evaluation
Nagy-Gyorgy, Tamas RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Systems
Results in Dapped-Ends and Increase of Flexural Capacity
Nakamura, Shun-Ichi Strength of Corroded Bridge Wires and Repair Methods
Nakayama, Taishi Analytical Studies on Load Carrying Capacities of Riveted Railway Bridges Subjected to Collision Damages
Naumann, Joachim Importance and Organization of Bridge Inspections in Germany
Nethercott, David Design for Extreme Events - Progressive Collapse
Niu, Yanwei Evaluation of a Excessive Deflection Long-Span Concrete Beam Bridge
Pang, Jason Large-Bar Connection for Precast Bridge Bents in Seismic Regions
Paya-Zaforteza, Ignacio Evaluation of the Program for the Reconstruction of Houses Undertaken by Intermon-Oxfam after the Bhuj Earthquake (India, 2001)
Pekoll, Oskar-Henri Reconstruction and Revitalization of Peter Behrens' "Berolinahaus" (at Alexanderplatz 1 in the center of Berlin - Germany)
Peng, Guihan Stability and Dynamic Analysis of A CFST Arch Bridge With Basket Type
Pieplow, Kirsten Glass Meets New High-strength Materials - Composite Structures with Future
Pompeu-Santos, Silvino The "TISB" and "TMG" Concepts: Application on a Proposal for the Railway Tunnel Through the Strait of Gibraltar
Qingxiong, Wu Vehicle-induced Vibration of Half-through and Through CFST Arch Bridges
Rapattoni, Frank Short-span Bridges - Leading Australian Innovations
Rauch, Marion Reinforced UHPFRC Tension Chords
Reese, Gregg Design and Construction of Curved Precast Concrete Bridge Projects in Colorado
Rialland, Yves East Tsing Yi Viaduct - A Tough Schedule to Erect a Concrete Deck 7 km Long 50 Meters Above Ground Level
Ribeiro, Catão Cable stayed bridge with two decks and a single tower
Ribeiro, Diogo Experimental Validation of a Numerical Model for the Dynamic Analysis of a Bowstring Arch Railway Bridge
Riley, Peggy Design and Construction of William R. Bennett Bridge
Riley, Peggy Design of the North Arm Extradosed Bridge
Robinson, Jamieson The Damping Advantage - An Application Using Supplementary Damping to Add Value to a High-rise Building Project
Romen, Norbert Fatigue Behavior of Welded Pipe Intersections in Bridges
Rosko, Peter Creative Design of Earthquake Resistant Tall Building Structures and Bridge Structures
Roy, B. C. Transport Infrastructure in Indian Urban Environment
Roy, Sougata Evaluating Fatigue Performance of Sign, Signal and Luminaire Structures
Ruan, Jing Appropriate Selection of Mid-tower Stiffness of the Three-tower Suspension Bridge
Sakino, Kenji Experimental Study on Composite Structural Walls with Hysteretic Dampers
Sarkisian, Mark Sculpted High-Rise - The Al Hamra Tower
Scheller, Joern A New Energy-Efficient Device for Active Control of Bridge Vibrations
Schladitz, Frank Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) as Torsion Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Components
Schlaich, Mike Footbridges - Enriching Urban Structures
Schleich, Jean-Baptiste Performance Based Design for the Fire Situation, Leading to Economic and Safe Fire Resistance
Schmidt, Holger Probabilistic Modelling of HSC Slender Columns in High-Rise Buildings
Schumacher, Ann Flexural Strengthening of Beams Using Externally Bonded Plates
Advanced Optical Measurements at the Beam-to-Plate Interface
Sheehan, Matthew Casino Parking Garage Collapse Forensic Investigation
Shi, Xuefei Shrinkage Effect at Concrete Interfaces in Rigid-frame Bridges
Shuqin, Li Application of the Pre-stressed Concrete Box-girder with Corrugated Steel Webs in Bridge Engineering in China
Siebert, Barbara Modern Facades Made of Glass
Siebert, Geralt Earthquake Tests for Glass Structures
Smith, Ian Large X-Lam Floor and Roof Plates For Composite Construction
Smith, Rob Damping in Tall Buildings - Uncertainties and Solutions
Smith, Steven A Complete Guide to Blast-Resistant Design of Low Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Snijder, H.H. (Bert) Slip in Hanger Cable Anchorages of Dintelhaven Railway Bridge Rotterdam
Son, Yunki Analysis for Initial Equilibrium Condition and Erection Stages of Sorok(Self-Anchored Suspension)Bridge
Song, Yifan Impacting Factor Caused by Highway Bridge Deck Roughness
Stevens, David Evaluation of Direct and Indirect Approaches For Progressive Collapse
Stipanic, Bratislav Design & Construction of Ada Bridge Across Tissa River In Serbia
Sun, Limin Design, Implementation and Measurement of Cable Dampers for Large Cable-Stayed Bridges
Sun, Zhi Load Carrying Capacity Assessment of Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge from Structural Forced Vibration Response
Svensson, Holger Personal Involvement in early US Cable-Stayed Bridges
Svensson, Nils Design of the Long-Span Roof of the O2 World in Berlin, Germany
Tadla, Janusz Curved Cable-Stayed Bridges
Talley, Kimberly Computational Modelling of ASR/DEF Affected Concrete Bridge Columns
Teeuwen, Paul Analysis of Steel Frames with Precast Concrete Infill Panels
Thomasson, Per-O Lateral-Torsional Instability of Box Girder Bridges at Erection
Tian, Zhongchu Load Tests of Dongping Bridge in Foshan, China
Timerman, Julio Knowing About the Typical Pathologies of Bridges to Develop Projects of More Durable Constructions - The Brazilian Experience
Tobolski, Matthew Seismic Retrofit of an Aged, Historic Signature Concrete Bridge
Toda, Katsuya Prediction Methods for Concrete Diagnosis with Electrochemical Test
Tomasetti, Richard Structural Engineering of the 600m Chicago Spire
Tsunokake, Hisao Composite Behavior of Concrete Filled Tube with Large Width-Thickness Ratio of Steel Plate
Tuchida, Kazuteru Construction Of The Bai Chay Bridge
Tulke, Jan A Dynamic Framework for Construction Scheduling Based on BIM Using IFC
Tyrogianni, Helen A Significant Infrastructure Project within the Urban Environment of Athens
The Case of Attica Tollway
Unterweger, Harald Remarkable Strengthening of an Old Steel Highway Bridge
Van Bogaert, Philippe Experiences from Engineering Education in Conceptual Design of Structures
Van Bogaert, Philippe New Railway Connection Below Brussels Airport
Van Hove, Dianne Building on Water: Design Projects Using Aluminium Structural Elements
Vandenbergh, Thomas Basis for Dynamic Analysis and Optimisation of Statically determined 2D (un)damped structures at Conceptual Design Stage using Morphological Indicators
Vogel, Thomas Conceptual Design in the Education of Civil Engineers
Wah Pang, Hon Structural Investigation of Hong Kong's Aging Public Rental Buildings
Walbridge, Scott Post-Weld Treatments for the Service Life Extension of Existing Steel Bridges
Walton, William Geotechnical Engineering of the 600m Chicago Spire
Wang, Rengui General Design of Airport Road Yaojiang Bridge in Ningbo
Wawrusiewicz, Aleksander Multi Mapping in Condition Assessment of Three City Bridges
Weller, Bernhard Glass Plus X - Development of Innovative Hybrid Structures
Weller, Bernhard Light Curing Acrylates in Glass Structures
Wendner, Roman Structural Assessment Using Identified Bending Stiffness
Weng, Dagen Study on Application of Viscous Damper in Hybrid Structure
Wenzel, Helmut Changes in Traffic Demand and Influence on the Lifetime of a 45 Year Old Bridge
White, Paul Severe Cracking of Viaduct Piers and Pilecaps Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation
Widianto Repair and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections
Wisniewski, Dawid Probabilistic Shear and Bending Resistance Models for Assessment of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Bridges
Wood, Antony Trends, Drivers and Challenges in Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Wurzer, Otto The MRO-Tunnel in Munich, Germany
Wyllie, Loring A. Appropriate Seismic Regulations for Urban Structures
Xiao, Congzhen Structural Design for Beijing Grand MOMA
Xie, Hai-Bo Long Term On-line Health Monitoring of the Poyan Lake Bridge
Yang, Yongxin Aerodynamic Investigation on a Long-Span Suspension Bridge with Central-Slotted Box Girder
You, Qingzhong Sutong Bridge-A Cable-stayed Bridge with Main Span of 1088 Meters
Young, Jeff Assessment of the Suspension Cables of the Severn Bridge
Yunkai, Guo Research on Location Control of GPS in Super High-rise Building Construction
Zekioglu, Atila A Review of Code and Performance Based Seismic Design Procedures of Reinforced Concrete High-rise Building Structures
Zhang, Jie Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Y-shaped Steel and Concrete Composite Joints
Zhang, Qiang New Technology for Cable-stayed Bridge Design of Zhanjiang Bay Crossing
Zhang, Shenwei Time-dependent Analysis and Spot Monitoring of Construction of High-rising Building
Zhang, Tracy Strengthening Concrete Columns in Concrete Condominium Building
Zhixiang, Zhou Exploration of a New Rigid-Frame Arch Bridge Constructed by Vertical Downrotation
Zhou, Yongjun Appliance of Orthogonal Experiment in Bridges Seismic Engineering
Zobel, Henryk Research and Practice with Composite Polymer Bridges in Poland
Zordan, Tobia Finite Element Modelling of a Curved Deck Cable Stayed Bridge in Venice from Operational Modal Analysis
Zordan, Tobia Structural Optimization of a Non-Conventional Composite Steel and Concrete Connection Through FE Analysis
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