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Administrative divisions

# Name Type
1 Altenburger Land Kreis
2 Eichsfeld (Kreis) Kreis
3 Gotha (Kreis) Kreis
4 Greiz (Kreis) Kreis
5 Hildburghausen (Kreis) Kreis
6 Ilm-Kreis Kreis
7 Kyffhäuserkreis Kreis
8 Nordhausen (Kreis) Kreis
9 Saale-Holzland-Kreis Kreis
10 Saale-Orla-Kreis Kreis
11 Saalfeld-Rudolstadt Kreis
12 Schmalkalden-Meiningen Kreis
13 Sonneberg (Kreis) Kreis
14 Sömmerda (Kreis) Kreis
15 Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis Kreis
16 Wartburgkreis Kreis
17 Weimarer Land Kreis
18 Eisenach city
19 Erfurt city
20 Gera city
21 Jena city
22 Suhl city
23 Weimar city
24 Bleßberg mountain



There currently are no companies listed for this location, however, if there are subordinate locations then these may contain associated companies.


There currently are no persons linked to this geographic entry. There may be persons associated with subordinate administrative subdivisions.

General Information

Name: Thuringia
Type: Land
Capital: Erfurt
Land mass: 16,173 km2
Population: 2,235,025 (estimated in 2010)
Density: 138 per km2
Largest cities:

Relevant Literature

There currently are no relevant publications listed.

Internal Information
Geo-ID: 11583
Created: 28/10/1998
Last Updated: 22/07/2014