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Administrative divisions

# Name Type
1 Koeru city / town
2 Narva city / town
3 Pärnu city / town
4 Tallinn city / town
5 Tartu city / town
6 Türi city / town
7 Valgjärve city / town
8 Saaremaa island



There currently are no companies listed for this location, however, if there are subordinate locations then these may contain associated companies.


There currently are no persons linked to this geographic entry. There may be persons associated with subordinate administrative subdivisions.

General Information

Name: Estonia
Type: country
Capital: Tallinn
Land mass: 45,227 km2
Population: 1,341,664 (estimated in 2004)
Density: 30 per km2

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Internal Information
Geo-ID: 10763
Created: 28/10/1998
Last Updated: 22/07/2014