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Administrative divisions

# Name Type
1 Las Estancias city / town
2 Buenos Aires province
3 Catamarca province
4 Chaco province
5 Chubut province
6 Corrientes province
7 Córdoba province
8 Entre Ríos province
9 Formosa province
10 Jujuy province
11 La Pampa province
12 La Rioja province
13 Mendoza province
14 Misiones province
15 Neuquén province
16 Río Negro province
17 Salta province
18 San Juan province
19 San Luis province
20 Santa Cruz province
21 Santa Fe province
22 Santiago del Estero province
23 Tierra del Fuego province
24 Tucumán province



There currently are no companies listed for this location, however, if there are subordinate locations then these may contain associated companies.


There currently are no persons linked to this geographic entry. There may be persons associated with subordinate administrative subdivisions.

General Information

Name: Argentina
Type: country
Capital: Buenos Aires
Land mass: 2,780,400 km2
Density: 13 per km2

Relevant Literature

There currently are no relevant publications listed.

Internal Information
Geo-ID: 10711
Created: 28/10/1998
Last Updated: 16/05/2013