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mageba group

mageba is a Swiss company with its head office in Bulach, Switzerland. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of structural bearings, expansion joints and other high quality products and services for the transport infrastructure and building construction sectors. In the last 10 years, mageba has also significantly expanded ist range of products and services relating to earthquake protection and structural monitoring.

The company was established in 1963 and today has approximately 700 employees worldwide, of which more than 100 are engineers. Some 120 people work at the head office in Switzerland.



mageba has subsidiary companies in Australia, Austria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA. It is also exclusively represented in more than 50 other countries by authorised partner companies.

mageba has to date supplied bearings and expansion joints for more than 20,000 structures, meeting even the exceptional challenges posed by a number of the world's largest bridges.

Products, Services & Application Reports

mageba elastomeric bearings, which conform to various international standards, such as the EN1337, DIN4141, BS5400 and AASHTO, are used globally fo ... [more]

The LASTO®LRB Lead Rubber Bearing is designed to isolate the structure from horizontal ground movements due to seismic events. The bearing consists ... [more]

Under normal circumstances, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers allow free movements of the bridge structure. Under shock impact, e.g. due to earthquakes, hi ... [more]

The mageba Incremental Launch Bearing is used for the incremental launch method as well as for permanent use. Thus, construction time can be shorte ... [more]

mageba has more than 40 years manufacturing know-how in the manufacturing of special bearings.


mageba Pot Bearings are durable bearings that can be used in many situations, whether in big or small bridges, or a variety of engineering structur ... [more]

The Preloaded Spring Damper is a unit designed to dissipate seismic energy. Also it continuously recenters the struc-ture due to its tension/compre ... [more]

mageba spherical Bearings are especially suited for bridges with big torsions and bridges located in very cold areas (temperatures lower than -30°C ... [more]

The mageba Shock Transmission Unit (STU) is designed to be connected between bridge structure components to form a rigid link under dynamic loads i ... [more]

Robo®Control detects the absence of machine specifications at the component and conveys these to a central computer. There the data are processed a ... [more]

The RE Expansion Joint is a 100% watertight joint construction with two heavy steel edge profiles, which are locked in a special polymer concrete ( ... [more]

The RSFD Cantilever Finger Joint consists of massive steel edge profiles with finger plates that are connected to the lower construction on either ... [more]

The Tensa®Flex slip finger can assimilate both horizontal and vertical movements and torsions. Modular structure makes possible the replacement of ... [more]

The RB Expansion Joint can be used for bridges and other engineering buildings with movements up to 80 mm. The joint profile can be adapted individ ... [more]

The RS Expansion Joint is designed for highly loaded bridges with heavy traffic. In normal situations it allows movements up to 80 mm. The Single ... [more]

Modular Expansion Joints can be constructed for any movements, from about 100 mm up to 2,000 mm and more. They allow movements in all 3 directions ... [more]

The mageba GF Sliding Finger Construction is a robust Finger Expansion Joint for high requirements with regard to moveability (up to 1,000 mm), rid ... [more]

Wazirabad Signature Bridge in good hands with a mageba Structural Health Monitoring System


References and Selected Works

Structures & Projects

Participation in the following structures and projects:


1963 Establishment of mageba in Zurich by Reinhold Huber. The focus of its activities is on the design, production, sale and installation of bridge bearings and expansion joints.
1980 Construction of the world's largest test rig for structural bearings, with a capacity of 100,000 kN (10,000 tons).
1991 Certification of the company’s quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 / EN 29001 (SQS certificate).
2001 Takeover by the company MSE and the two private investors T. Spuler and G. Moor. Start of a phase of dynamic growth.

Establishment of mageba (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with new manufacturing facilities in Fengxian District, Shanghai.


Establishment of mageba Bridge Products Pvt. Ltd.,Kolkata, India.

2008 Major expansion of the company’s production facilities in Fussach, Austria.
2009 The town of Bulach presents mageba with an award for sustainability in the fields of economy, ecology and social matters.
2010 Significant investments in the Bulach headquarters and manufacturing facilities.

Setting up of new subsidiary companies:

  • mageba USA LLC (East Office), New York, USA
  • mageba USA LLC (West Office), San Jose, USA
  • mageba A.Ş., Çayırova / Kocaeli, Turkey
  • mageba (Korea) Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
2012 Further expansion of the Bulach manufacturing facilities. “Entrepreneur of the year” - mageba is honoured as one of Switzerland’s best companies reaching the finals of the prestigious international award.

mageba celebrates 50-year anniversary.

Establishment of new subsidiaries:

  • mageba Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
  • mageba (UK) Ltd., London, United Kingdom

Big restoration of the factory in Bülach, Switzerland, including installation of solar panels on the roof for sustainable energy supply. Prix SVC Entrepreneur Award - mageba again recognised as one of the best SMEs in the Zurich Economic Area.


Acquisition of RW Sollinger Hütte GmbH and integration into the mageba group

Establishment of representation offices:

  • mageba Russia, Moscow, Russia
  • mageba Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia

Establishment of new subsidiaries:

  • mageba (Australia) Pty Ltd., Blacktown, Australia
  • mageba Adria d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
  • mageba CS s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic
  • mageba Hungary Kft., Nyírtelek, Hungary

Acquisition of the Australian Ludowici Engineer Rubber Products Pty Ltd (LERP) and integration into the mageba group. Takeover of the manufacturing and NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) accredited testing facilities at St Marys (Sydney, NSW).

Official buy-out of the former RW-Group facilities in Slovakia with the foundation of mageba Slovakia s.r.o.


mageba group

Contact Information

Address: mageba sa
Solistr. 68
8180 Bülach
Phone: +41 (0)44 / 872 40 50
Fax: +41 (0)44 / 872 40 59
E-mail: mageba@mageba.ch
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